Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 9 Thing a Day Playing with Scraps

I had lots of scraps from the Border Canes that I made yesterday.... I love scraps.

Here is what was left on my work table..

 My first instinct is to grab a handful of the scraps roll them into a log, twist and cut in half for yet another mirror image.  I get a kick out of seeing what the image will be but I have dozens of mirror images that I will never use so I controlled myself.

I picked through the scraps for the cool colors, blues and browns, and used them on a brown background to make assorted beads.

I used more scraps on ivory to make disks that I cured on the side of small light bulbs, I have light bulbs in several sizes and shapes that are handy for shaping flat/disk beads.  I embedded the base of the light bulbs in clay to keep them standing upright.

Here is how they look after curing and removed from the light bulbs.

I made a striped cane to use on the back o the disks.

I saved the more interesting ends of some of the Skinner blend canes.  I can always find a use for them. I like their organic look.

Tomorrow I will make a couple more pieces with the blues and browns and then I will  move on to the warmer color scraps.  Day 9 is complete.... see you tomorrow.

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