Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 11 Thing A Day Wire & Polymer Clay... & More

I am SO happy.... I received the Texture Sheets and Heart Pendant from my talented swap partner Chieko who lives in Japan.

She explained in her note "they are themed on SAKURA, Japanese Cherry"

 All the sheets are wonderful, I am so looking forward to using them.... guess you know what I will be doing tomorrow!!

The positive and negative textures are made with Sculpey Ultra Light.

The larger single sheet is made with Sculpey Mold Maker.  I have never used either the Sculpey Ultra Light or the Mold Maker ...I am very impressed with both... guess I better plan a trip to Michaels!

The texture sheets I sent Chieko are  made with Sculpey II  like the sheets I have already blogged about.  I like both these products better as they are more flexible.

The beautiful heart pendant also has a Cherry Blossom theme. It is strung on rubber cord, the length is adjustable and it came in an elegant box.  The cane work is lovely....  I love doing these swaps!!

Last night, while watching Downton Abbey, I wired up the mirror image "lizzard tail" long bead that I blogged about yesterday.  So far so good, I think it will make an interesting necklace.

Another angle...for a closer look.   The beads go well with the colors in the design.  The length is 5 1/2".

This morning I made a few more beads with the orange/magenta scraps.  I made a small cane with  several of the extruder cane ends. I then textured one side of a brown sheet of clay, put it on the work surface textured side down and covered it in rows with the slices from the cane.  I then cut out 10 small oval disks.

 After I removed the disks I was intrigued by the remaining "scrap" sheet.  So I cut it into sections, scrunched up the pieces and made these..... I like the organic look, don't you?

I could use the largest one as a pendant

and make earrings with the rest...

or I can use them all on a necklace.... which is most likely what I will do,

I then gave in to my urge and using a small pile of scraps I made a mirror image.... and made these small 3/4" x 1/2" cabochons.  I'm thinking they need to be beaded.... you think so too?

I feel good, it was a productive day.  Amazing what a little sun shine can do.

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  1. Apparently you aren't sleeping again to get that much done. I love love love that lizard tail with the wire and beads on it. Where do you get your ideas and when are you coming out here to teach me how to do that? LOL At least we don't have snow.

  2. I love the finished necklace - and really really love the little oval beads from the extruder cane ends!