Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 8 Thing a Day Border Canes

I did it!!  I made a couple border canes and I had a good time doing it.  Of course my favorite part is always the scraps.... I will play with them tomorrow.

Here's what I did today.   I made the two larger canes first, then a smaller one with some of the left overs, a couple little ones with the scraps and of course a mirror image bead... it's almost a Natasha bead but it only has mirror images on 3 sides.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Close up of the biggest cane, the main colors are turquoise and green outlines with magenta and ivory.

This one will appeal to the orange and pink crowd.... it's a nice warm combo.  I used brown and ivory for the accent colors.

Close up of the "scrap" canes. .....

.... and a close up of the focal bead.

These were left overs , maybe I will put them together to make a new cane tomorrow.

Done for today..... thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. I do so LOVE your border canes, B.J. These colours are so lovely. No end to your creativity!