Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 3 Thing a Day Textured Beads & Hearts

The poor birds in our area are so confused. We started out the week with temperatures in the 70's, by friday it was down to 10.... this morning we woke up to snow. The robins thought it was spring, I saw several on monday.... I bet they are freezing their tushies   off today.  It's overcast, cold and dreary, a  perfect day for claying.

I used my texture sheets to make reversible beads.  I rolled out hunks of clay in my hand to form an oblong bead and then squeezed them between the house texture sheet and the squares texture sheet to make these. I made big holes with a wooden skewer and then strung them on a ball chain.

This is the "house" side.  I used PearlEx to highlight the windows.

This is the "squares" side. Again I used PearlEx to highlight the "dots"

I love this carmel color MG heart.  The design is a lower corner of the big flower texture sheet.   Hm, the design on the paper tells me this heart needs wire curlicues....

I used one of the experimental texture sheets for this heart.  Didn't care for the way the texture sheet performed ....but I like the heart.  I may add details with a micro pen or  wrap with wire, or both,  to jazz it up.

 I made a sheet of clay from scraps.... it was suppose to be bead guts but after a couple passes through the pasta machine this oxidized copper look appeared... to pretty for guts so I cut out a couple hearts and then formed the critter from the leftovers.  Heather thinks he looks like a pooch,  I kinda see a giraffe....  I am a big fan of scraps, some of my favorite pieces were made with scraps.  

I used various tools to impress the designs and high lighted with PearlEx.

Okay, I am going back to the clay room to work on something for tomorrow... more texture sheets? a border cane? I can't decide, I will let my muse decide.

Thanks for stopping by.

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