Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 26 Thing A Day Still playing with Shapes

WE cleaned out the garage a couple days ago.  I had several boxes of kitchen items and old furniture in the garage that I planned to send to the auction but last fall the roof leaked and everything was water damaged and covered with yuck that fell from the ceiling when they put on a new roof.  My grandson wants to use garage to refinish a couple pieces of furniture so we moved all the boxes and furniture out to the alley for the trash haulers to take away.  I say "we", grandson, Nick, did most of the work with help from, Heather and Roger.... but I did a hell of a job supervising.

Today was trash day.... I have a view of the alley from my clay room and I was quite astonished when I looked out my window and saw a steady stream of folks, some on foot and some in pickup trucks digging through our trash... a couple guys in a pickup loaded up a couple water logged rocking chairs and a cedar chest, I thought they were going to take the buffet but it really was in bad shape... not only from the water but the squirrels had chewed on the veneer around the mirror... I swear squirrels will eat anything.  I did not enjoy seeing folks digging through our trash.... I was greatly relieved when the trash truck arrived... the poor haulers didn't look to happy though.   It is nice to have the garage cleaned out... we could even put a car in there, imagine that!!

I used another set of "Valerie"cutters, this time the diamonds, to make another "shapes" pendant.

I like the big looped chain.... looks good with this pendant.

The back looks pretty good too... you could wear it either way.  I textured it with sandpaper.  Saves on sanding and looks good too. Win, win, right?

I was hoping to have a 2nd necklace finished but I'm still working on the chain.... I will show you tomorrow.

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