Monday, December 16, 2013

Something New..... and More Hearts.

This was an experiment using scrap clay and a clear stamp design.  First I rolled out a sheet of scrap clay and stamped it with a clear stamp design.  I then rolled out a sheet of black clay, #5 on my pasta machine and cut pieces of the black clay that matched the design.  Once I completed the image I brushed on PearlEx to add a little shimmer.  I popped the piece in the oven and while it was curing I  made scrolls of dark blue wire, woven with gold tone wire and gold seed beads that continued the design.  I textured a sheet of clay, cut a matching piece to put on the back, embedded the wire and put it back in the oven. 

Here is how it looks from the back.   It is fairly large, approx. 3" x 4"  it may work best as a brooch. I used sandpaper to texture the back..... cuts down on the sanding.  I did sand the edges to give it a more polished look.  I have other designs that I want to try this with.  It was fun to make.  I may even make a tutorial...... but it will have to be after the holidays.

For this one I rolled out a thin sheet of tinted Kato Pearl clay, # 5 on the pasta machine. Folded and manipulated into a shape that I liked. I added  the texture with my stylus and other tools.

These little pendants are Heart cutouts with stamped owls in the cut out centers.  Originally I had in mind making heart beads for earrings by laying folded strips side by side and cutting out the hearts..... which I did but then I like the heart "frames" so the pendants are a by product.  That is how  many of my pieces evolve.

Here is how I finished the backs.... textures again saved on the sanding.  I will make earrings with the heart beads.

This is just a fun heart I made with a mirror image embellished with strips of textured gold clay.  This has an underwater look to me.
 and here is the back.

My next project was  making beads with one of my canes.....

once the beads were made I decided to squish the cane a bit and use the "new" cane to make these hearts.  

I used Page's technique to make this air filled heart.  After I cut it out I used one of the scraps to make the top part........ I really like this one.

 not wanting to toss the left overs in the scrap bin I used them to make the frame for this heart. I stamped a design with silver for the center and backed it with aqua clay for a layered effect.   I put textured tendrils and silver leaves around the frame.  I like this one too.

I made a matching tube bead that I will most likely use with the air filled heart ....  once I figure out what kind of chain I want to make.

and here is how I finished the backs..... more texture.  This time with a piece of mesh.... and I sanded the sides.

I was going to make a chain while I watched the finale of Survivor......yip, I am a Survivor fan.....  but I got caught up with all the excitement and didn't get my chain made.   If there are other Survivor fans out there I just want you to know I was not happy that Tyson won...... dang, anyone but Tyson..... well maybe not Monica..... I do not understand why women on these shows do not stick together.... oh well..... maybe next time.

That's it for tonight.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Playing with Hearts

Quick post.... I have so much to do!!

I finished another necklace... and made more hearts.

Closer look at the necklace. I used amber wire to make the tornado bails. I also use some of my half and half beads to make the chain.

I used scraps to make these hearts... they have a mysterious look to me.

This is a little different. The texture in the center was made with a button, then highlighted with PearlEx. I used tinted Translucent Pardo Art Clay to which I added glitter for the embellishments.

Layered Heart with torn pieces of textured clay and a cane flower as the focal interest.

I used a strip of scrap clay to form the heart.  I filled in the center with torn pieces of the texture that makes up the background.  I then used a stylist to texture around the torn pieces and added a little shimmer with  green PearlEx.

and I made a couple square tiles too....   this one is random pieces of border cane on a textured background.

I like layers..... I used half a log to make the top piece and the other half of the log to make layers on the square tile.  I like these colors together.

I finished all the hearts for the swap.  I am very pleased with all 50..... wish I could show them to you.  I should be able to post photos of my Inchies soon...... and the ones I receive, that will be fun 

That's it for today..... gotta go do some cleaning and painting.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mixed Media Polymer Clay & Wire Necklace

I added wire and some additional polymer clay adornments to one of the pendants I posted last week.... this is the result.  I love it.... hope you do to.

I've had this delicate chain for some time, I like the open weave balls, it goes well with the pendant.

I didn't like the wire showing through so I covered it up with a textured heart.

I added a row of textured dots on the layered heart..... they are from the same sheet of clay as the heart at the side.

I secured the wire swirls to the back of the pendant with Zap a Gap glue and then covered it with a thin sheet of clay in the shape of a heart.

I used one of my canes to make these tube beads and the end pieces of the cane to make the mirror image tile.

I made a few "end of day" beads and then textured them, highlighted with PearlEx and popped them in the over to be cured.

This is what I am working on now..... tiles for a bracelet and earrings.   I will texture a sheet of solid color clay to finish the backs of the tiles.  The round beads are made from the scraps I trimmed off the back of the mirror image triangles.   The triangles are made from cane scraps  that I smooched together, twisted and rolled into cones and them sliced in half lengthwise.  I'm not sure what brands of clay they contain..... I hope Premo and Kato....  I like the colors and don't want them to darken when cured.

Heather has been making attractive neck pieces from vintage neckties..... arn't they gorgeous?  They are available in her Etsy shop The Midnight Raven

Elegant in red and purple...

or  check out this lovely in greens and purples..... and rows of luscious tinted pearls.

She also made this pretty repurposed necklace and earrings from a vintage tin with drops and chain from a broken vintage necklace.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching...... I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family and lots of scrumptious food.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Polymer Clay Hearts

I finished the hearts for the swap..... and made a few more.

I was experimenting with Translucent Pardo Art Clay with the two on the sides. The one in the center I made from left over cutouts and wire.

After conditioning I rolled out a thin sheet of Pardo Translucent, #9, the thinnest setting on my pasta machine,  stamped a leaf pattern on the clay, covered it with a 2nd layer and cut out the hearts.  If you look closely you can see an air pocket in the top heart on the right.  I drilled hole along the sides and added wire.

I made a coiled wire bail and strung it on a chain.

Here is how it looks on a black background.  The air pocket shows up more in this photo.

I used the doubled sided cutters I purchased from Valerie to make the hearts.

Another experiment. This was suppose to be the front of this pendant......

.... but I like the solid color textured back better.... so now this is the front.

I tinted Pardo Translucent with Alcohol inks then added glitter to make these cabs.  

I attached layered & textured hearts to Pardo Translucent backgrounds to make these.

This is how they look from the back.

The frame is made with square wire and a bit of weaving at the top.  I haven't decided what kind of a bail I will make.

I stamped a design on the background.

For this one I used 16 gauge amber wire for the swirl then hammered it flat and added the Pardo Translucent backing. 

My favorite Valerie cutters are this set of hearts.  For more about the cutters see this earlier post.  I like that they are sharp on both sides.  I use a wooden block to push them into the clay. 

I like layers and textures.  The bottom heart is made from the left overs  of the one on the right. The puffy heart on the left is air filled.

The backs.  I still need to sand a couple of them.

Close up of the largest, the textures are highlight with PearlEx. To get the crackle effect on the border I made a thin sheet of the aqua, #4 on the pasta machine folded it in half lengthwire  and ran it though the pasta machine again, cut a long strip and wrapped it around the heart with the crackled side up, then highlighted with bronze PearlEx.

I like using aqua and bronze together.  I put a row of little balls inside this one.

I may add wire and use these hearts for asymmetrical earrings. 

And here are a couple pieces with little birds. The one on the left is very busy, has a lot going on, wire weaving, beads, ruffles, I had a hard time getting a good photo of this one... will have Heather take a better one.   The one on the right was made with left overs, I had those little rounds cut out and couldn't bear to toss them in the scrap bag.  The little blue bird was an after thought. 

That is it for today. 

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