Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Playing with Hearts

Quick post.... I have so much to do!!

I finished another necklace... and made more hearts.

Closer look at the necklace. I used amber wire to make the tornado bails. I also use some of my half and half beads to make the chain.

I used scraps to make these hearts... they have a mysterious look to me.

This is a little different. The texture in the center was made with a button, then highlighted with PearlEx. I used tinted Translucent Pardo Art Clay to which I added glitter for the embellishments.

Layered Heart with torn pieces of textured clay and a cane flower as the focal interest.

I used a strip of scrap clay to form the heart.  I filled in the center with torn pieces of the texture that makes up the background.  I then used a stylist to texture around the torn pieces and added a little shimmer with  green PearlEx.

and I made a couple square tiles too....   this one is random pieces of border cane on a textured background.

I like layers..... I used half a log to make the top piece and the other half of the log to make layers on the square tile.  I like these colors together.

I finished all the hearts for the swap.  I am very pleased with all 50..... wish I could show them to you.  I should be able to post photos of my Inchies soon...... and the ones I receive, that will be fun 

That's it for today..... gotta go do some cleaning and painting.

Thanks for stopping by.