Sunday, September 30, 2012

Using ribbon for more Texture Fun & Favorite Tools # 8

My lastest experiment is using metallic powders and woven ribbons to create interesting textures.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

 but first I want to show you what I did with some  of the samples I made last time....remember the strips I cut with the wavy blade?  I used them to make...

a colorful teapot pin.... looks good with the peacock designer paper....

and this is just a piece I made with scraps. I used my ball stylus to add texture.

I got out an assortment of woven ribbons, painted the surface of polymer clay strips with PearlEx or Perfect Pearls and here is the results

This ribbon has a Greek Key design. I used several colors of PearlEx to get the variegated colors.

This geometrical design gave a cool effect too. I painted black clay with metallic colors to get the shimmer on this one.

 and here it is on a lighter color clay painted with aqua and pearl PearlEx powders. I trimmed the edges with the wavy blade giving it a whole new look.

This is one of my favorites.... this is old ribbon, not very pretty by itself, but it made an interesting design on the clay.

I used lacy seam binding for this one.

This ribbon has a lovely oriental design....  I love the way it came out, don't you?

I have more ribbons... and I've been looking on Esty and Ebay.... so many gorgeous designs available, unfortunately I'd have to buy several yards of each ribbon and all I really need is 8 or 10 inches....  I'm hoping I can talk one of the Esty sellers into selling me an assortments of sample strips.... that would be cool!!

Sunday is my tv night... gotta go.... Good Wife starts in 10 minutes and I need to round up pieces that need to be sanded.... and I need to gather up some wire ...

See you later, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Textures Using Trim

I got side tracked again, I signed up for a Journal Cover Swap so I spent the weekend working on the journal cover.  Finally came up with something I like.... wish I could show it to you but it will have to wait until after the swap.

Here is what I want to show you... how to use trim to create fun textures in clay.  I have tons of trim, I made pillows in a former life....

Click on the photos for a closer look.

First I conditioned the clay and ran it through the pasta machine on #1 setting.

I placed a strip of trim on the clay and ran i through the pasta machine. at first I was spritzing the clay with water for a release but discovered it wasn't needed.

Gently pull the trim from the clay.

I used my straight blade on one side and my wavy blade to trim off the excess clay on the other side. .

I highlighted the raised areas with PearlEx powder. .

The PearlEx gives it a nice shine ... no sanding needed.

Two samples from a narrow zigzag trim.

I used another woven trim for this one.

I used the pasta cutter that came with the pasta machine to trim the side, I like the sawtooth effect.  

I fit the strips that I trimmed with the wavy blade together.... kinda interesting... I might make a pendant with theses... and it would give me something to blog about tomorrow. 

All done..... thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Found Objects Cabochon Mold Favorite Tools Day 6

Time got away from me today I'm running late. I didn't make anything new so I'm having to rely on an oldie but a goodie for my Favorite tool.  I'm thinking I may have blogged about this before.... that's okay... some things are worth repeating. 

I love "found objects" that can be used with polymer clay. Several years ago my  daughter gave me this, it's the protective cap off her stick deodorant and it works perfectly as a cabochon mold. The handle makes it easy to remove... wish I had more of these in different shapes.  

To use the cap roll out a circle of clay, shape it into an oval. Dust the clay with baby powder or spritz with water... either works well as a release. Fit the cap over the clay and press down until the cap is filled.... trim the sides with a cutting blade or exacto knife. Gently remove the clay being careful to not distort the cabochon. 

More cabochons I made with the cap.  The finished cabs are a nice size, they measure approximately 1 1/8" x 1 3/4".  After curing I sand and buff... now they are ready to use. 

I beaded one of the cabochons and added fringe on the side. 

Another version of a beaded cabochon. 

And here is a finished necklace with a beaded cabochon pendant.  I made a beaded bail and strung the necklace on navy blue rubber cord. 

Different brands of stick deodorant  have slightly different caps, most are more narrow, this is my favorite.  It's amazing what I will do for polymer clay.... never mind if I like the deodorant ... the shape of the protective cap is the deciding factor. 

Done for today... see you next time. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flying Snake Necklace & Favorite Tools Day 5

My kids have been making fun of me for years for saving  those colored  mesh bags made of plastic... you know, the ones that held onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes or other fresh veggies..... I knew if I held on to them long enough a use would turn up.... sure enough, I started playing with clay and needed something for snake skin.  Ah Ha, I thought.... and dug out my stash of bags.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Here are sample textures that I made with the bags.

Close up of the diamond samples

Close up of the oval samples

Different textures can be made with the same piece of bag.... either scrunch it up a bit or stretch it out.

I conditioned the clay and ran it though the #1 setting on the pasta machine.  I spritzed the clay with water, wrapped the mesh around the clay so the pattern is on both sides. and put it though the pasta machine, still on #1.  This one has a fun pattern.

Gently remove the mesh to reveal the pattern.

Stretch the mesh to get a whole new look.

Two patterns from the white mesh bag.... one design is a little larger.

Go for a whole new look by using several layers of the mesh bag.... like this.

Next I used the yellow bag... trying for something different  I scrunched up the sides and left the center in a double layer

I spritzed the clay with water and ran it through the pasta machine

After removing the mesh I used my oval cutter and made a couple samples leaving part of the design smooth

I was on a roll so I scrunched up the purple bag put it over a sheet of clay and ran it through pasta machine

here's how it looks after removing the mesh

The red mesh was still attached to the end paper... I wanted to see how it would look if I used it "as is"

here is the result

The green bag wasn't cooperating when I tried putting it though the pasta machine so I used my brayer to roll the design into the clay.

Not crazy about this one....

These are nice textures to use for the backs of pendants or bracelet tiles.... saves on sanding.

Well that's it for the mesh bags.  Hope you find it useful.

I went through all my photos and found the  "Flying Snake" that I textured with a mesh bag. I made it into a necklace, the lady who bought it emailed me not long ago to let me know she gets lots of compliments every time she  wears it.

Edited to add the Finished Necklace

Lots of photos today, I hope I didn't overdo it.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Polymer Clay Textured Cabochons & Day 4 Favorite tools

It has been a long day.... Great granddaughter Lily and daughter Heather came over this morning and then I spend most of the afternoon at the dentist. I did manage to squeeze in a little clay time tho...

 Today I used ordinary things you find around the house to make textures in a couple cabochons.  I rolled the clay into balls pressed them in the palm of my hands and then used the bottom of a diet coke can to make the round cabochon shapes.  They haven't been cured yet. I intent to antique them once they are cured, sanded and buffed.  I used Kato Pearl mixed with assorted colors of Premo and Kato. I use at least a touch of Kato Pearl in almost everything I make.

Last year when I had cataract surgery I had to put drops in my eyes 3 times a day.  I saved the bottles because I like the designs on the lids... I used them along with small screw drivers to make the texture on the purple cab.

I used a tracing wheel and an the empty ink pen barrel  to create the design on the pink cab.

 I removed the guts from the pen and then used both ends to press into the clay. The design at the tip end makes neat circles with a raised center. I use this a lot when making eyes, flower centers and flower petals and more.

 The other end has a larger hexagon design which I used to make the larger circles on the cab.  I just popped these in the oven. I will antique and sand them in the morning.

I also made a pod focal bead with a mirror image center and a mirror image pendant.   I put these in the box of things that need to be sanded.

Done for today.

More texture tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.