Thursday, July 24, 2014

Little Fox Cane

I finished this cane last week but couldn't take photos.... my camera battery ran out and I couldn't find my charger, ordered a new one and had to wait for it to arrive before I could take photos. Trying to find things in my new studio is very frustrating, right now I am looking for my micro beads, I know they are here somewhere.  I need to put up more shelves so things will be in plain site instead of tucked away in drawers..... aaaagggghhh!!!

Okay I made this Little Fox Cane

I like foxes so when I found a fabric pattern with cute little foxes I thought it would make a nice cane. I started with the head

and worked my way down

I have gobs of scrap clay so decided to use some of it for the back ground. In order to make the cane square I made a tree effect on the left

When the the cane is flipped over and the "tree" sides put together it looks more like a tree, as you can see with the two canes at the bottom.

I usually don't make canes this big so I ended up with way more foxes than I will ever use. I used one of them to make a couple kaleidoscope canes. I plan to make Little foxes jewelry and will use these to make matching beads.

There is a ground hog that lives under our back porch, I named him Phil.  Isn't that clever of me?  He suns himself on the back step every morning. My cats are not fond of Phil and refuse to go out in the backyard because of him.... and the deer... they don't care for them either.  I thought having a resident ground hop was kind of neat until I read all the damage they can do with their burrowing. We may have to call someone to relocate Phil.  

This is poor Corny sitting in the window keeping a eye on Phil. She is not a happy cat and has voted to have him evicted..... the sooner the better. 

That's it for today. I am now working on a border cane to use with the Foxes. 

Thanks for stopping by.