Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More Cane Work Beads & Jewelry

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope wonderful with lots of yummy food and fun with relatives and friends. Ours was great but I have to admit all that cooking and baking wore me out..... next year I'm getting a smaller turkey and maybe buy the pies at SAMS, they have a very tasty pumpkin pie.

We were going to have the whole family here for Christmas but it took us several days to recover from Thanksgiving so I called daughter Patty and ask if we could have the family dinner at her house.  She of course said "yes". It means we will have to drive to Illinois..... have I ever told you I  hate to travel? .... but easier than having them all come here.  It's a 6 hour drive, not bad I guess.  My hubby tells me to sleep but someone has to keep an eye on the road.... he's busy gawking at all the sights and wanders off the road into that patch that makes that terrible rumbling, screeching sound.... like I could sleep through that!!

There has been a lot going on here so I haven't had time to do much claying. Last weekend was the Christmas parade and the annual Tour of Homes.  I love the Tour of Homes. Most of the homes here are over 100 years old, wonderful Victorian beauties ranging from small cottages to stately mansions. Each year 7 to 9 home owners graciously allow the public in to see their charming homes. Plus they treat us to home baked cookies and apple cider. So much better than driving around after dark trying to see in windows.....  yes, I do that, along with my husband and cousins Neal & Carol. We are frustrated window peepers. I never get tired of driving around in this little town, I see something new every time.

I have to hurry up and finish this, we are putting up Christmas lights today. I know, I know, its a little late but we just took down the Halloween/Thanksgiving lights yesterday. I was seriously considering doing a orange and purple Christmas.... but decided that might be tacky.

So here are a few things I've been working on:

Cane work beads, the white in the cane is translucent, using it over brown gave the beads a tan background.

 Red and white cane work beads.

I tried several chains and cords with this pendant before deciding on the woven silk . 

Finally finished this one with a chain made of matching beads. I love making beads and pendants, not so much the assembling and stringing. Wish Santa would loan me an elf. 

I like this set, I used cane work beads and end pieces along with metal frames and beads. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. 

And of course I couldn't resist making a scrap pendant.  A little weird but I like it. 

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

If I don't post again before Christmas I wish you all a Merry Peaceful Christmas filled with love and goodwill (and lots of presents and good food!!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Polymer Clay Cane Work Beads

I meant to post this last night and forgot so I will quickly do it now while my laundry is drying. Our daughter & SIL is coming for al long weekend, will arrive tomorrow and stay until Sunday... maybe monday.

Halloween is a big deal in Eureka Springs even the adults dress up for trick or treating. .... most of their treats are in liquid form. Then the next night is the Zombie Parade with floats and dancing. Folks come from all over the take part in the festivities.

Okay back to claying

I was playing around with folded clay and made these

Here's a closer look at the green one

and here's the other one

I had fun playing with these folds and plan to make more, may even attempt a tutorial.

Mostly I made cane work beads. Beads sell pretty well in the gallery, so I thought I better make more.

Purple beads made using the pictured cane.

I used the pictured cane to made these oval beads. I also made a couple round beads that I plan to swirl. Swirl beads always sell, we know they are easy to make but the public doesn't.

I used the colorful flower cane to made coin beads and a couple swirls with some scraps.

The cane was made from one of my border canes, I used it to make the beads,

Here is my work table with more canes to make more beads.....

While I was playing with clay my cat, Corney was trying to fit herself into a small box under my work table......

She rolled herself into a ball and took a nap. Does that look comfortable to you?

Gotta go, that's it for today.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumn Wall Art & Beads

I've had a busy week. We went to Mountain View Arkansas for a few days with my cousins Neal and Carol. It is a delightful little town with a variety of shops and wonderful folk and blue grass music. We stay at the Wild Flower Bed & Breakfast, it's under new management and the new owner is a terrific cook, her breakfasts are to die for. It's perfectly located within walking distance of the downtown shops and the park.  In the afternoons and evening you will find local and visiting musicians playing together in the park so take your lawn chairs and enjoy.

Yesterdays and today I made a few beads but first I made this wall art piece and added one of my wire and polymer clay owls and pumpkin. It's a little dark but I like it.

And I made beads.

I used an old cane that I've had for many years to make swirl beads. Swirl beads and jewelry made with swirl beads always sell well.... I like these, they have a wonderful organic look.

First I made round beads

And gave them a swirl...

I also made some Swirly coin beads with end of day scraps. After I cured the beads I painted the edges gold to give them a little bling.

I also made another mirror image...... trying to decide if I should use it this side up...

or this side up.  What do you think?

Time for a quick lunch and then I may go outside for while.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scrap Beads & Pendants

It is raining today, a perfect day to stay inside and play with clay.

I sat down at my work table fully intending to make cane work beads. First I needed to clear the scraps off my work area, as I was putting them away I spotted my scrap bins and decided to play with scraps instead.  I have a hard time resisting scraps.

I took out several bags of cane scraps

Selected a hand full from the bag of cobblestone cane scraps and added a few from the black and white scraps.....I am running low on black and white scraps, guess I better make more black and white canes.

This isn't a very good photo, the lighting is poor in here. I take most of my photos on the porch but like I said it is raining and breezy out there.

I squished them into a ball, rolled them into a long log, folded the log in half, twisted it and rolled  it into a log again, flattened it with my brayer and cut it in half lengthwise.... next time I will take photos of each step.

This mirror image piece is the result. Lots of cool images in this one, it is fairly large, 2" x 4 1/2".  I will add wire and use it on a journal cover or wall art.

Here are more pieces made from scraps.  Most will be used as pendants and beads.

More scrap pieces. Not sure what I will do with these, I'll think of something.

Now I really am going to get out my canes and make cane work beads..... or I might make canes. What ever I do I will post photos.

That's it for today.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Clunky Bangle Bracelet & Mixed Media Pendant

I don't wear bracelets, as a result I rarely make them.  This is my second attempt at a bangle.

I also made a complimentary pendant with scrap clay, wire and beads. I don't think I could live without scraps!!

In order in reinforce the bracelet I started with 3 rings of 18 gauge wire.

Then I condition scrap clay and wrapped it around the wire. I wasn't trying to be neat as I wanted the bracelet clunky.  I did make sure the wire was covered and there was no air pockets.

Next I made a red Skinner blend cane and used slices to completely cover the clay.

After smoothing the cane slices with an acrylic rod I used a cherry tomato mesh bag to texture the clay.

I save all the mesh bags veggies come in, they create interesting designs.  I think this one looks like reptile skin. I blogged about using mesh bags a few years ago, here is the link Mesh Bags Textures

Here's how it looks after curing.

I had the end scraps from the Skinner blend cane and some odds and ends from another project so I made a couple beads.

I added wire and beads to the one on the left and made a pendant to wear with the bracelet.

Here is the back side.

I will add wire and beads to the other scrap bead this evening and will post photos next time.

Thats it for today. If you have questions or comments, I will do my best to answer.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Heart Swap that wasn't

It's chilly this morning, the days are getting shorter,  autumn is on the way.  Makes me smile, fall is my favorite season. Takes me back to my high school days, football games,  camp fires and hay rides.

 My creative juices start to flow when the fall colors begin their dance across the hills and valleys that surround this little town.

I am working on another bangle bracelet, while it is in the oven I decided to do a little house cleaning on my computer ..... I was attempting to downsize the number of photos in IPhoto when I ran across the hearts I made for a Heart Swap on Facebook.  I signed up 2 years ago.... Yip, almost 2 years to the day,  Sept 28, 2013.

The rules were simple, 10 hearts in each group and you could sign up for as many groups as you wanted.  I had a lot of time on my hands and  my Muse whispered in my ear "Sounds like fun, lets do 5 groups." Okay, why not, 50 hearts, I could do that. We had ample time to make the hearts, they had to reach the swap host by Feb 28, 2014.  It was an international swap so I was excited. Yipee! hearts from artist around the world.

I planned to get mine done by the end of January.so I could take part in the annual "Thing A Day Challenge" on Polymer Clay Central.  So I started making hearts. Got them done in plenty of time and mailed them off, I think it was the first week of February.

If you have ever taken part in a group swap you know not everyone gets their items mailed by the deadline plus this was a large swap so I knew it would take time for the host to get the groups organized.  I figured it would be mid April at the earliest before they would be ready to mail.

Then things started to go wrong big time, folks weren't mailing their hearts, some were dropping out, some hearts were damaged when they arrived, the Host was trying to repair the damaged ones and make extras sets to fill in for the ones that didn't show up. Other folks in the swap offered to make extras, all  that was going to take time. Okay, we'll just have to wait. Then the Host began to have health & family problems that complicated things.

Over the next several months some of the swappers got a little testy and to be honest I was getting a little impatient myself but I held my tongue..... just twiddled my thumbs and waited.  Finally in Nov 2014 I did email the host telling her I assumed, because of all the problems,  she would be unable to complete the swap, I expressed sympathy for her health and family problems and asked to have my hearts returned.  She said "No" she could not return my hearts, they were already placed in groups and it would "mess up all the hard work" if she pulled them out. The swap would be done by the end of the month and the "auction"  would take place in Dec. Her final words were "The nonsense with delays were out of my control. I would never steal anything from anyone."  Please know I did not accuse her of stealing, really, that thought never crossed my mind.

That is the last I heard from her. I did see a post of Facebook, I think in April or May 2015 she stated she once again would be working on the swap in June & July.....

I am curious if anyone received their hearts? She did mention at one time she was combining the hearts with orders from her ArtFire shop to save on postage so maybe some of the swappers received theirs.

I know I am not suppose to post photos until everyone receives their heart..... After 2 years I have given up .... and I want to show you my hearts so here they are.

                                           Group 1: Theme is the Pink & Silver colors.

                                            Group 2: Theme Textured and Layered Hearts. 

Group 3: Hearts on Hearts

Group 4: the theme "Scrap Hearts, Colorful & Fun" 

Group 5: Mixed Media Hearts Wire & Polymer Clay

My bracelet is done, I will show you how I made it tomorrow.... or the next day. 

That's it for today. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mixed Media Necklace & Earrings

We had weekend visitors so I haven't had time to blog.  If you want lots of company move to a resort area.... folks love it here and we enjoy showing them around.

My daughter, Heather, and her best friend, Ginny, (actually she is a family friend, we all love her) stopped by on their way to Texas for their annual YaYa retreat & stayed  here for a couple days. They arrived on friday and left this morning. Some old guy was following them around ..... I told him we were full up but he wouldn't go away so I finally gave in and let him stay .... Yes Roger, I am talking about you!!

I did get in a little clay time, this is what I am working on now. I've had this pendant for quite some time, couldn't decide on a chain or cord finally settled for a simple faux suede cord that compliments the colors in the pendant. Still working on the earrings,  I have to finish the wire work, so far they look pretty good.

Here is how I finished the back of the pendant. I like for my pieces to be finished on both sides.

And I completed another Memory Wire Bracelet with matching earrings. I like these beads.

It is pass my bedtime, I keep nodding off so I better call it a day. The girls texted me,  they made it to Texas, I can now go to bed.

That's it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Polymer Clay Earrings & Bracelets

Ok I lost a day, don't know what happened, it came and went without my even knowing it.

I think it rained most of the day yesterday and I was upstairs unpacking  boxes of antiques I had stashed in the closets. It was like a surprise birthday party, I swear some of that stuff I have never seen before, I was having a good time!!  Going to unpack some more tomorrow.

Here are photos of some of the earring I made to put in Fantasy and Stone Gallery in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  I hope to take photos of the Gallery to show you one day soon, it's a really nice shop filled to the brim with wonderful handmade items. The owner, Theresa, does an outstanding job displaying all the marvelous pieces.

1. Brown & Yellow Cane Work Bead Earrings with 2 dangles

2. Green Cane Work Earrings with 3 dangles

 3. Red & Green Cane Work Earrings, round beads with asymmetrical drop wrapped with copper wire.

4. Red Cane Work Earrings with 3 round bead drops.

5. Brick Red & Ecru Stripe Cane Work Earrings, round beads accented with copper coils.

6. Red and Copper Swirl Earrings accented with red glass beads.

7 Pink Flower Cane Work Earrings, round beads with matching tube bead dangles.

And here are the Memory Wire Bracelets. Nice thing about memory wire bracelets is one size fits all. I have a fairly big wrist ands my daughter is a skinny little thing, we can both wear these.

1. End of Day Beads separated by red, pink and white coral beads.

2. Green Pillow Beads separated by yellow glass bead. Includes matching earrings.

3. End of Day Beads imbedded  with copper micro beads separated by red glass and copper beads.

4. Flower Cane Work Beads accented with red glass beads.  Includes matching earrings.

I hope to get more pieces done tomorrow.

Thats it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.