Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More Cane Work Beads & Jewelry

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope wonderful with lots of yummy food and fun with relatives and friends. Ours was great but I have to admit all that cooking and baking wore me out..... next year I'm getting a smaller turkey and maybe buy the pies at SAMS, they have a very tasty pumpkin pie.

We were going to have the whole family here for Christmas but it took us several days to recover from Thanksgiving so I called daughter Patty and ask if we could have the family dinner at her house.  She of course said "yes". It means we will have to drive to Illinois..... have I ever told you I  hate to travel? .... but easier than having them all come here.  It's a 6 hour drive, not bad I guess.  My hubby tells me to sleep but someone has to keep an eye on the road.... he's busy gawking at all the sights and wanders off the road into that patch that makes that terrible rumbling, screeching sound.... like I could sleep through that!!

There has been a lot going on here so I haven't had time to do much claying. Last weekend was the Christmas parade and the annual Tour of Homes.  I love the Tour of Homes. Most of the homes here are over 100 years old, wonderful Victorian beauties ranging from small cottages to stately mansions. Each year 7 to 9 home owners graciously allow the public in to see their charming homes. Plus they treat us to home baked cookies and apple cider. So much better than driving around after dark trying to see in windows.....  yes, I do that, along with my husband and cousins Neal & Carol. We are frustrated window peepers. I never get tired of driving around in this little town, I see something new every time.

I have to hurry up and finish this, we are putting up Christmas lights today. I know, I know, its a little late but we just took down the Halloween/Thanksgiving lights yesterday. I was seriously considering doing a orange and purple Christmas.... but decided that might be tacky.

So here are a few things I've been working on:

Cane work beads, the white in the cane is translucent, using it over brown gave the beads a tan background.

 Red and white cane work beads.

I tried several chains and cords with this pendant before deciding on the woven silk . 

Finally finished this one with a chain made of matching beads. I love making beads and pendants, not so much the assembling and stringing. Wish Santa would loan me an elf. 

I like this set, I used cane work beads and end pieces along with metal frames and beads. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. 

And of course I couldn't resist making a scrap pendant.  A little weird but I like it. 

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

If I don't post again before Christmas I wish you all a Merry Peaceful Christmas filled with love and goodwill (and lots of presents and good food!!)


  1. Those are all amazing and gorgeous. When you find that elf to help you, maybe we could share him. Hope he likes to iron and dust too.

  2. Beautiful creations and beautiful canework as usual!!