Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Polymer Clay Cane Work Beads

I meant to post this last night and forgot so I will quickly do it now while my laundry is drying. Our daughter & SIL is coming for al long weekend, will arrive tomorrow and stay until Sunday... maybe monday.

Halloween is a big deal in Eureka Springs even the adults dress up for trick or treating. .... most of their treats are in liquid form. Then the next night is the Zombie Parade with floats and dancing. Folks come from all over the take part in the festivities.

Okay back to claying

I was playing around with folded clay and made these

Here's a closer look at the green one

and here's the other one

I had fun playing with these folds and plan to make more, may even attempt a tutorial.

Mostly I made cane work beads. Beads sell pretty well in the gallery, so I thought I better make more.

Purple beads made using the pictured cane.

I used the pictured cane to made these oval beads. I also made a couple round beads that I plan to swirl. Swirl beads always sell, we know they are easy to make but the public doesn't.

I used the colorful flower cane to made coin beads and a couple swirls with some scraps.

The cane was made from one of my border canes, I used it to make the beads,

Here is my work table with more canes to make more beads.....

While I was playing with clay my cat, Corney was trying to fit herself into a small box under my work table......

She rolled herself into a ball and took a nap. Does that look comfortable to you?

Gotta go, that's it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love your beads and your canes and your cat. Aren't they fun. Any box will do no matter how small it is. Happy Halloween dear friend. What kind of costume are you wearing?
    Love your canes a lot.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Love my cats, they keep me entertained,especially Corny, she is such a bossy little thing. When she wants something she harassed me until I do what she wants.

      We had a very busy Halloween, went to a play, trick or treating and Voices from the Past at the cemetery..... by sunday night I was to tired to go to the Zombie parade, stayed home and watched the World Series instead. Go Royals!!!

  2. I notice that your blog leaves off in 2016. I hope this is just so you can focus on your claying!