Friday, October 2, 2015

Clunky Bangle Bracelet & Mixed Media Pendant

I don't wear bracelets, as a result I rarely make them.  This is my second attempt at a bangle.

I also made a complimentary pendant with scrap clay, wire and beads. I don't think I could live without scraps!!

In order in reinforce the bracelet I started with 3 rings of 18 gauge wire.

Then I condition scrap clay and wrapped it around the wire. I wasn't trying to be neat as I wanted the bracelet clunky.  I did make sure the wire was covered and there was no air pockets.

Next I made a red Skinner blend cane and used slices to completely cover the clay.

After smoothing the cane slices with an acrylic rod I used a cherry tomato mesh bag to texture the clay.

I save all the mesh bags veggies come in, they create interesting designs.  I think this one looks like reptile skin. I blogged about using mesh bags a few years ago, here is the link Mesh Bags Textures

Here's how it looks after curing.

I had the end scraps from the Skinner blend cane and some odds and ends from another project so I made a couple beads.

I added wire and beads to the one on the left and made a pendant to wear with the bracelet.

Here is the back side.

I will add wire and beads to the other scrap bead this evening and will post photos next time.

Thats it for today. If you have questions or comments, I will do my best to answer.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's a really great effect with the net bags - thank you for sharing that idea. It really does look like reptilian skin - you could make a whole range of them. I really like the bangle - I'd wear it!
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ellie. I am pleased you like the bracelet. Betty Jo