Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Heart Swap that wasn't

It's chilly this morning, the days are getting shorter,  autumn is on the way.  Makes me smile, fall is my favorite season. Takes me back to my high school days, football games,  camp fires and hay rides.

 My creative juices start to flow when the fall colors begin their dance across the hills and valleys that surround this little town.

I am working on another bangle bracelet, while it is in the oven I decided to do a little house cleaning on my computer ..... I was attempting to downsize the number of photos in IPhoto when I ran across the hearts I made for a Heart Swap on Facebook.  I signed up 2 years ago.... Yip, almost 2 years to the day,  Sept 28, 2013.

The rules were simple, 10 hearts in each group and you could sign up for as many groups as you wanted.  I had a lot of time on my hands and  my Muse whispered in my ear "Sounds like fun, lets do 5 groups." Okay, why not, 50 hearts, I could do that. We had ample time to make the hearts, they had to reach the swap host by Feb 28, 2014.  It was an international swap so I was excited. Yipee! hearts from artist around the world.

I planned to get mine done by the end of I could take part in the annual "Thing A Day Challenge" on Polymer Clay Central.  So I started making hearts. Got them done in plenty of time and mailed them off, I think it was the first week of February.

If you have ever taken part in a group swap you know not everyone gets their items mailed by the deadline plus this was a large swap so I knew it would take time for the host to get the groups organized.  I figured it would be mid April at the earliest before they would be ready to mail.

Then things started to go wrong big time, folks weren't mailing their hearts, some were dropping out, some hearts were damaged when they arrived, the Host was trying to repair the damaged ones and make extras sets to fill in for the ones that didn't show up. Other folks in the swap offered to make extras, all  that was going to take time. Okay, we'll just have to wait. Then the Host began to have health & family problems that complicated things.

Over the next several months some of the swappers got a little testy and to be honest I was getting a little impatient myself but I held my tongue..... just twiddled my thumbs and waited.  Finally in Nov 2014 I did email the host telling her I assumed, because of all the problems,  she would be unable to complete the swap, I expressed sympathy for her health and family problems and asked to have my hearts returned.  She said "No" she could not return my hearts, they were already placed in groups and it would "mess up all the hard work" if she pulled them out. The swap would be done by the end of the month and the "auction"  would take place in Dec. Her final words were "The nonsense with delays were out of my control. I would never steal anything from anyone."  Please know I did not accuse her of stealing, really, that thought never crossed my mind.

That is the last I heard from her. I did see a post of Facebook, I think in April or May 2015 she stated she once again would be working on the swap in June & July.....

I am curious if anyone received their hearts? She did mention at one time she was combining the hearts with orders from her ArtFire shop to save on postage so maybe some of the swappers received theirs.

I know I am not suppose to post photos until everyone receives their heart..... After 2 years I have given up .... and I want to show you my hearts so here they are.

                                           Group 1: Theme is the Pink & Silver colors.

                                            Group 2: Theme Textured and Layered Hearts. 

Group 3: Hearts on Hearts

Group 4: the theme "Scrap Hearts, Colorful & Fun" 

Group 5: Mixed Media Hearts Wire & Polymer Clay

My bracelet is done, I will show you how I made it tomorrow.... or the next day. 

That's it for today. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Those are gorgeous. Did you ever get any hearts back in the mail? I don't know what group you were in but I had the same problem except for one swap and it was a heart swap. One set of swap items I got looked like they had been made by a 2 year old and thrown together just to get them out. One was broke when it got here. Another one the pieces kept falling off so I just pitched it. I don't know how people can do things like that. Tell me how someone can send items out with their Artfire orders???????? Sorry you had to go through that like I did. I don't do swaps anymore with people I don't know.

    1. Nope no hearts back, not my own, not any from the other swappers. It's kinda soured me on swaps. Most of the swaps Ive taken part in have been fun and for the most part I've been happy with the items I received ... there were a few clunkers that I had to tossed but not many. I took part in several of the one on one swaps on Facebook, loved those. I will be more careful in the future and only join swaps when I know the host.

  2. Oh, that is so sad. Your hearts are so beautiful. The host should have at least tried to let you know what was going on.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. At this point I would just like to have my hearts back...... I'm pretty sure that is not going to happen.

  3. Hi, Betty Jo, you just pulled the words from my mind .... I've also participated to that swap with two sets of hearts and I have never heard anything more about them ... I was waiting to receive a message with the amount of postage we should pay to get the swapped hearts back, but it never arrived. Maybe it's time to send a question to the host ...

    1. Hi Pepita, Happy to meet you. It's good to hear from someone else who participated in the swap. I thought maybe some of the others received their hearts but I had no way of checking. If you do hear from her please let me know.

      For some of the participants this was their first swap, not a good example. I would like them to know most swaps go off without any problems. I had high hopes for this one.

  4. BJ your hearts are SO beautiful! I didn't close my mouth the whole time I inspected your photos. Really wonderful work.

    At this point, two years later, I would not be so kind as you are here... your hearts were definitely stolen, along with everybody else's hearts, and the Host, as you so kindly put it, should never be allowed to conduct a business or a swap ever again.

    I know who she is, and knew before this swap that she has very little integrity, if any, and I avoid her like the plague as a result. I am so sorry you lost your beautiful, wonderful hearts to a person such as she.

    People should be warned about her before they interact, she preys on others. It's a shame.

    I'm glad you took photos of your hearts so we could at least enjoy them this way.