Friday, September 11, 2015

Polymer Clay Earrings & Bracelets

Ok I lost a day, don't know what happened, it came and went without my even knowing it.

I think it rained most of the day yesterday and I was upstairs unpacking  boxes of antiques I had stashed in the closets. It was like a surprise birthday party, I swear some of that stuff I have never seen before, I was having a good time!!  Going to unpack some more tomorrow.

Here are photos of some of the earring I made to put in Fantasy and Stone Gallery in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  I hope to take photos of the Gallery to show you one day soon, it's a really nice shop filled to the brim with wonderful handmade items. The owner, Theresa, does an outstanding job displaying all the marvelous pieces.

1. Brown & Yellow Cane Work Bead Earrings with 2 dangles

2. Green Cane Work Earrings with 3 dangles

 3. Red & Green Cane Work Earrings, round beads with asymmetrical drop wrapped with copper wire.

4. Red Cane Work Earrings with 3 round bead drops.

5. Brick Red & Ecru Stripe Cane Work Earrings, round beads accented with copper coils.

6. Red and Copper Swirl Earrings accented with red glass beads.

7 Pink Flower Cane Work Earrings, round beads with matching tube bead dangles.

And here are the Memory Wire Bracelets. Nice thing about memory wire bracelets is one size fits all. I have a fairly big wrist ands my daughter is a skinny little thing, we can both wear these.

1. End of Day Beads separated by red, pink and white coral beads.

2. Green Pillow Beads separated by yellow glass bead. Includes matching earrings.

3. End of Day Beads imbedded  with copper micro beads separated by red glass and copper beads.

4. Flower Cane Work Beads accented with red glass beads.  Includes matching earrings.

I hope to get more pieces done tomorrow.

Thats it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You are a busy girl. Those are all gorgeous. I just love your wire work. You are my idol.