Saturday, March 8, 2014

Our Retirement Cottage in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I haven't posted for some time.... sorry about that.  The last few weeks have been a little hectic. We have been going back and forth from our home here in Highland to look for a place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  After looking at many places we found one we love.  It is this delightful little cottage sitting on the side of a hill overlooking the downtown area of Eureka Springs.

It was built in 1900 and has been completely updated while retaining it's old world charm.

Here is a photo of the front of the cottage

This is the back of the cottage taken from the street below and looking up

The first floor has a wrap around porch on 3 sides and there is a 2nd porch on the lower level. There are swings on both levels, here is the swing on the lower level.

Here are a couple photos of the view overlooking the town.  I will take more when we get moved in.

This one is from the lower level porch.

Jacobs Ladder is a set of historic steps that run along the side of our property.  They lead to the historic district of Eureka Springs.  All we have to do is walk down the steps to an abundance of delightful shops and  wide array of wonderful restaurants.

We closed on the 28th spend one night camping out in the cottage and then had to return to Highland because of the weather.  I wanted very much to stay the weekend to experience the Mardi Gras parade but couldn't take the chance of driving back in an ice storm.  We have relatives that also live in Eureka Springs. Carol took these photos of the parade.  How cool is that? We will be living within walking distance of all the fun events that take place in this historic town.

Carol also took a photo of the little birdhouse in our back yard.  There are all kinds of critters and birds that inhabit the town as well as an abundance of creative folks that sell there wares in the shops. I definitely won't lack for inspiration!

It will be a few weeks before we get completely moved but once we do I plan to blog at least once a week about the shops, restaurants and events in Eureka Springs.  After all the packing and unpacking is done I will also get back to blogging about polymer clay so please don't give up on me. I have several new ideas that I want to share with you.... even have plans for a tutorial or two.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.