Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wishing You a Merry Chrsitmas

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year.

I got my cookies baked... here is a sample.  Rolo Chocolate cookies, Mocha Butter cookies, Peanut butter cookies, Raspberry and Peach Thumbprints, Pecan sandies and red and green sugar cookies in the center.

My candy is all made ...two kind of divinity, fudge and almond butter crunch. 

and my tree is decorated.  My new blue lights are really blue!!  

MY family will be here soon..... well part of it anyway.... we will have our big family get together....... with the gift wrapping contest on the 28th.  I will take lots of photos and  share them with you.  I have warned Cory to behave himself.... between him and Sarah we never know what will happen.  

Have a Merry and a Happy. 

See you next year!! 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Holy cow did you guys know it is just a week until Christmas?..... yikes!! I thought I had at least another couple weeks.   Panic time!! I thought I was doing really good, we put some decorations up yesterday and I have most of my shopping done (mostly on line, those packages better start getting here soon!! ) I was lolly gagging around like I had all the time in the world..... well this is not good....I don't have the tree up and I need to make Christmas cookies and candy.   First I have to go to the store and buy the ingredients to make the cookies and candy.  Every year I make divinity for my aunt..... yes even old people have aunts... I have to get it in the mail..... so why am I sitting here.... beats me, but I am.

My friend Penni Jo has a free tutorial on her website to make these cute Christmas Tree Earrings.  She has more free tutes on her website Best Flexible Molds by Penni Jo ..... and if you need molds hers really are "the best".

I have a "tutes" board on my Pinterest, I  have many tutorial there and never get around to trying them... so for some unknown reason... instead of baking cookies like I should be doing.... I decided this was a perfect time to try a tute.  

As a "Senior citizen" I do a lot of things for unknown reasons..... like why it took me an hour to go to the bathroom.... which almost ended in a disaster... I went upstairs to tinkle... our main floor bathroom is also the laundry room. As I entered the room the dryer shut off,  Being easily distracted from the task at hand... I had to take the clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkled.... I do not like to iron....  it was important to fold or hang the clothes.  Once the dryer was empty I needed to move the next load from the washer to the dryer.  I then had to take the folded and hanging clothes and put them away.  I put the tops and underwear in the drawers and put the shirts on hangers in the closet.  I needed more room in the closet so decided to move some of the summer clothes to the upstairs closet.  While upstairs I saw a couple shirts that I hadn't worn for quite some time.... I've been weeding out old clothes, taking them to the Goodwill.. so I decided to try them on. I did, they looked pretty good, so I headed back down stairs with shirts in hand..... when I reached the first floor I heard the mailman putting mail in the mailbox... so I laid the shirts down and went to check the mail.... when I opened the door the cold air hit me... yikes!!  Uh oh...at that moment it hit me....I had forgotten to tinkle..... so locking my knees together and muttering an apology... along with "please, please, please"  to my bladder  I headed down the hallway doing the "please don't let me wet my pants dance".   Fortunately,  I'm sure you are relived to know..I  made it in time.  

Okay, back to the original thought...  the tute I tried. (Click on the link for the entire tutorial)

She did hers in black and white... I decided to make mine in color. It started out being peach and pink... not sure what happened to the pink.  

Canes from the above.... after reducing.

                                              These two are my favorites.

I made this pin/pendant but I'm not sure I like the white on the border.  I also made a neat mirror image totem bead.... I will show you later.

I also played with metallic clay a bit.  I mixed blue with gold to get the green, added a dark orange to gold for the amber and the third color is mostly gold with just a touch of orange.  I used a couple texture sheets to make the designs.

My favorites always come from the scraps.   After I cut out the usual shapes I used the leftovers to make these.  Now all I have to do is add some beads and join them together.

I like the tropical jungle look of the oval pendant.

That's it for today.  Hope you check out the tutes and give them a try..  I'd love to see what you make.
there are many more I want to try..... right after I bake those cookies and put up the tree...

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Polymer Clay Fairy Door

Here is the Fairy Door I made for my swap partner, Alenka.  It finally made it to Slovenia, took about 2 weeks, that isn't bad.

I used the door as a display for a matching necklace and earring set.

Here is how the door looks without the jewelry.  The wire loops on top of the door frame are to keep the earrings in place and the holes are for the necklace chain.  I will tweak this a bit next time.

Close up of the necklace and earrings.

This was an experiment.... I plan to make a couple more with matching jewelry and see if they will sell on Etsy.

Alenka said she sat the little door on her desk and it occurred to  me that next time I could make matching pens and use the little pots as pen holders.  I like for things to have a practical use.  What do you think?

Short but sweet today.  I have a few things in the works but I have a head cold, between the coughing and sneezing I nap a  lot.... I should have more to show you in a few days.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Completed Jewelry

Happy dancing here.... I almost have my Christmas shopping done!!  I haven't been able to do much claying but I did assemble a few pieces for Heather to add to my Etsy shop.

I sanded and buffed the bead then added coiled wire and seed beads to make this asymmetrical necklace.   To see more views check my shop....Knightwork Studio

I strung this pendant on waxed cord. I used the Skinner blend cane to make matching beads and secured them on the cord with Chinese button knots.

Matching earrings can be worn with the above necklace.... or the one in the next photo.

I strung this pendant on complimentary green faux suede cord and used amber colored wire for the bail and cord ends.

I used a soft peachy tinted faux suede cord to sting this pendant.  I like faux suede cord, I have it in several colors, it is soft, light weight and comfortable to wear..... and it looks good too.

I made a long coiled wire bail to string this raven pendant.  I used silver glass cube beads to even the sides and strung it on a silver color ball chain.

For this necklace I backed the lacy links with variegated polymer clay then joined them with links made with copper beads and amber wire and finished with a antiqued copper chain.....

and then I used one of my flower canes to jazz up the backs..... making it reversible.  I like the front side the best.... Heather likes to back.

All the above jewelry is now listed in my  Etsy shop.... Knightwork Studio

 I used Memory wire, glass beads, matching seed beads and lacy bead caps to make this delicate looking necklace and matching earrings.

 Sheez, can you see the difference in the photos.... Heather took all of the previous photos.... I took these.... even used the same camera, she does a much better job.

Close up of earrings.

Last is pair of cupid earrings. I used cupid charms backed with polymer clay tiles  to make these.

back of earrings

Thats it for today....thanks for stopping by.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monochromatic Beads and More

I wish I could show you my Fairy Door,  I love how it turned out.... I finished it and sent it on it way last friday.  I will show it to you as soon as I hear from Alenka.  I have no idea how soon that will be,  this is the first time I've mailed a package to Solvenia, but I'm guessing a week to 10 days. We shall see.

I had left over fairy door clay so I made  a few beads and used them to make this necklace....  this  gives you an idea of the color I used

The theme for this months PCAGOE challenge is "Monochromatic" .  I was piddling around with my Fairy Door for so long I got a late start on my entry..... I don't work well under pressure.  I decided to make green my color....

Here's my entry,  I scrambled to get it in on time.....  for some reason the pendant looks more blue in this photo.... the next photo is a truer color..... at least on my computer.  Some really great entries this month.... please take a look and vote for the ones you like best.....PCAGOE Challenge  .....don't forget...you could win a prize!

Once the pressure was off I made other monochromatic things.....

If I'd had it done in time I would have entered the Raven pendant.... it's a combination of textures and mica shift.

More beads and tiles in  green

I think I will use the hearts for earrings..... Heather tells me I need to make more earrings.

I used more of the green  for the background on these,  shades of amber for the center .... I always save the end pieces from Skinner blend canes, I love their organic look. I used russet PearlEx to add a little sparkle then I finished with amber wire.

Of couse now I have to make a matching chain..... or maybe I will use waxed cord..... it looks pretty  with this pendant.

Oh, before I forget..... Heather has opened a marvelous new shop on Etsy  called The Midnight Raven

Heather is a very talented artist, she works in many mediums and does well in all of them.  She has been giving new life to broken and damaged item for many years.....

Here are a few samples of what you will find in her shop.....

Necklace from vintage button and jewelry pieces.

Earrings handcrafted from a vintage tin

This gorgeous choker is made from vintage ribbon, old lace, a vintage tin and antique jewelry pieces.

sold separately..... matching earrings.....

To see more  of her one of a kind creations visit her shop... The Midnight Raven ...... and tell your friends.

That's it for today..... I need to go for my walk before it gets hot..... yip I said hot, it's suppose to be in the 80's today..... where did winter go?  My poor flowers are so confused....  the snapdragons and foxgloves are covered in buds..... and my lawn needs to be mowed.  

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ripple Wire Gadget & More

When you get to be 70+ you have a lot of life adventures... my latest is dentures.  I got my new pearly whites yesterday. They look good, I never had straight teeth and now I do.  Of course eating is another story.  I drool a lot, I bit my lip several times and my tongue doesn't know what to do with itself.  I'm not sure I will ever get use to having all this hardware in my mouth!  I can talk okay though, a little lisp but not bad so that is a good thing.  

I had several people ask me about the gadget I used to make the ripple wire.... here it is, a "tube wringer".

Click on the photos for a closer look.

The tricky part is applying the right amount of pressure.... to little and it doesn't ripple evenly, to much and it makes weak spots in the wire and it breaks....  First you position the wire then hold it together with one hand and turn the crank with the other... take it slow, stop when necessary and reposition the wire in the center, it has a tendency to move to the side as it goes through.

The magenta wire is 20 gauge and the lavender  wire is 18 gauge.

Here is a wire and bead pendant I made using "ripple wire" from the tube wringer.  For this one I used 20 gauge yellow wire and wrapped with 28 gauge Peridot green wire to secure the yellow seed beads.

And I played a bit with clay. I made a polymer clay pendant using my last cane and combined it with matching solid color clay that I textured with a simple design. Swarovski rhinestones add a bit of bling.

I love the textured end pieces of Skinner blend canes... I used one on this pendant and made a couple "snail" beads with scraps.

Had to show you great granddaughter Lily holding Heather's big old cat, Dobie.  Heather has 3 cats and a dog, all the other critters run for cover when Lily enters a room, but not Dobie.  Lily loves Dobie and apparently Dobie loves Lily, he is very tolerant of all the "loving" she gives him.... but I think he is most likely relieved when she goes home.

Back to the dentist later today to check for pressure areas... so far I don't think I have any.

My next project is a Fairy Door for the latest swap on Flickr. And I have to make something for the next PCAGOE challenge.  The theme this month is "monochromatic".  I'm trying to decide on a color, maybe green, I haven't done green lately.

That is it for today.... thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mixed Media Fun Stuff: Polymer Clay, Wire & Beads

 I often forget to let folks know I sell most of the jewelry I make so I'm doing a little self promoting today.

My life has been so much happier since Heather took over the job of managing our shop, Knightwork Studio, on Etsy.  She takes all the photos for the shop, does the actually listing, packs all the order and sends them on their way.  She recently listed this necklace and several more...

I take most of the photos when I'm blogging.... I know.... not as good as Heather but they will have to do. She is not here when I want to blog.  The light box is down stairs and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me messing with it.... she'd never say that... but I don't like folks invading my territory so I try to respect theirs. Plus hauling stuff up and down stairs while using a cane gets complicated so I just do my picture taking my studio (or as Lily calls it "my play room")

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I made these wire doodads with one of my gadgets, added some beads......

here's a closer look

I then used them to string fold-over pendants.  I'm still trying to decided how to string this particular pendant.... I kinda like this.

Here's what I made for the other beaded wire. The links are for another necklace but I will made similar   ones, only with gold wire, to go with this necklace.  The texture on the pendant is from a ribbon and then cut out and folded over.

Close up of the pendant.

I have also had several pieces of my jewelry featured in  ETSY Treasuries in the last couple days.

All the items featured in the Treasuries are made by members of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild on Etsy   better know as PCAGOE .  If you'd like to see more of their work just do a search on Etsy for PCAGOE.

I have a bracelet in this November Blitz  Treasury by Jackie

I have a brooch in this Feeling Blue Treasury by Beth

 I have a necklace in this Giving Thanks to Etsy Treasury also by Beth

 and a necklace in this Asian Flair Treasury by Line.  Most of the items in this Treasury were in the POAGOE challenge but I haven't listed my journal cover yet so she used my double heart necklace.

Time to go.... I have to throw some food together for my hubby, shoo him off to work,  so I can watch my sunday night tv shows.  I also have to gather up things to sand and put together the beads and wire to finish my necklaces.  Gotta run....

Thanks for stopping by.