Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Border Cane Beads

There is so much to see and do in Eureka Springs that I find it hard to find time for claying and blogging. Our weather has been so beautiful, it was actually chilly early this morning, and it's mid august, usually the hottest month.  We do love it here!

 I did manage to make a few beads from the canes I showed you in my last post.

Closer look at the long beads and the folded beads.... not sanded yet. They are approx. 2" long.

Another view of the same beads after sanding, not much difference in the photo but lots of difference to the touch, nice and smooth now.

Rustic heart pendant

Pendant with the long beads...,

and the long beads with some little round beads and a couple mirror image beads

I think I will make more of the small round beads and use them with the heart pendant, then I can make earrings with the long beads.

I am working on more canes.... which I will post when they are finished.

When my back is healed and I can venture down Jacobs Ladder again I will start posting photos of shops and restaurants.....

That's it for today.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Surprise Lilies in my yard... and Border Canes

I love to garden and when we moved here in April I had big plans for our terraced back and side yards. Then I injured my back and wasn't able to garden at all. My morning routine is to enjoy a cop of coffee on the upper back deck. I can sit out there is my pj's listen to the birds sing and watch the squirrels play in the big oak tree. I always felt a little disappointed when I look down and saw weeds growing where flowers should be.....  then last week I looked down in the back yard and saw these beauties swaying in the breeze..... it took my breath away! Seriously it took my breath away.... It was a gift, a wonderful beautiful gift, one that I can look forward to every year.  Surprise Lilies!!

This is how they looked from the deck.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

and here is a closer look.

I also found them along the front of the house and by the garage.  When driving around town you see them everywhere..... such a wonderful sight!! Do you have Surprise Lilies in your yard?

Now on the claying.  I am enjoying making canes again. I originally planned to make a Border cane to go with my Fox cane...... and ended up with these.  Often my muse leads me in a totally different direction.  Never fear, I will try again for canes to go with the Foxes.

Closer look at the Border canes

This is my favorite

Fun canes I made with the scraps.

I am working on beads from the canes and their scraps that I really like, will post photos when they are done.

That's it for today.

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