Saturday, August 28, 2010

I finished my Coasters Yes Indeedy!!

I can't show them to you until after the swap but I took lots of photos and will post them along with the coasters I receive. I can hardly wait!! 

Boy that was a chore.... took me forever to decide what  I wanted to do and then I almost ran out of white clay, and I needed lots of white clay and then my muse decided to take a break, it's hard to create when your muse is on vacation, mine just wanders off at the most inopportune times.  

I was concerned I wouldn't make the deadline but I did, even had a few days to spare.... aw yes, feels good, I am patting my self on the back.   

 Turns out I am not the only procrastinator.... yes, there are more... I'm not naming any names,  you know who you are..... it's a real nail biter, will they.... or won't they?   A couple folded under pressure and bailed out, one is down due to injuries and we have a couple valiant clayers determined to meet the Sept 1st deadline.  They pop up with a progress report from time to time and then, wiping the sweat from their brows, they dive back in.  Only time will tell.

In the mean time I made some canes with the left over coaster clay. I also made some beads and pendants but I haven't sanded them yet.  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Trash to Treasure Swap Box ...It's Here!!

Click on the photos for a closer look.

It was fun to go through...lots of goodies and here is what I am keeping. Pretty beads from Moe and Pat, lovely buttons from Jackie S,  cool tiles from Jackie M (or as I like to think of them Jackie I and Jackie II)...actually I think of Jackie II as Cat but that gets confusing too as we have another Cat.... See how easy I get sidetracked.. back to the box.. 

I also kept the cutting mat and some thin texture sheets from Jackie II.. I needed a cutting mat, had it on my shopping list so that was cool and the textures are really neat, I didn't take the whole sheets, I cut a piece off of each. I am going to use them to texture the backs of pendants, it will cut down on sanding, yipee!

 I also kept 2 packs of charms and little dice beads from Gloria, 2 wooden bracelet blanks from Janie, a set of copper tubes for Mokume Gane and a hunk of telephone wire (I love telephone wire, all the pretty little wires inside!) from Jodie, a pretty focal bead from Barbara, a package of wiggle eyes from Rebecca and a couple Polymer Cafe Magazines. All in all a pretty good haul, wouldn't you say? 

And I got presents too. An absolutely gorgeous pen from the fabulous Miss Jackie  and a fabulous Aloha purse hook from the one and only Moe. I is a lucky girl!! 

And here is what I am putting in.

.... after I wrapped the canes in plastic wrap they fit into 4 rows in the storage box so I used the 5th row for glass buttons.  I make molds from the buttons and then use them to make polymer clay beads or buttons. And I added a few things I made.  

I almost forgot...all my coasters  for the Coaster Swap are made, not done but made, I still have to sand, buff and add cork to the backs but at least they are out of the oven and I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out. Guess I better start sanding so I can get them mailed. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canes for the T2T Swap

I had big plans for the weekend, I was going to make canes on saturday and finish the coasters for the Coaster Swap on sunday. 

 I started off pretty good. I was searching through my canes for a couple I wanted to duplicate...  then I got involved in sorting and rearranging. That was my down fall. I'm next to receive  the 2nd Trash to Treasure Swap Box so  while I was doing the sorting and rearranging I thought it would be fun to select some canes to put in the swap box.  There are several that I have way more of than I'll ever use, like the red rose, the bluebird, the brain cane and the leaves.  I wanted to make sure they were all in good shape so I reduced them a bit and took a couple slices, even made a few beads.  Here is the assortment I came up. They are all about 1 1/4" long and different widths ranging from the 3/8" Scotty to 1 1/4" for the big red flower.  I decided to leave them in the storage box so they won't get squished. 

Click on the photo for a closer look.

I've also got some finished pieces to put in the swap box and I was thinking maybe some buttons  to use for molds and I always have odd wire doodads lying around.  I don't have many extra supplies as those always go to my granddaughter.  

I'll post more photos when the swap box arrives... should be here monday or tuesday. 

Now I have to go wrap each of the canes in plastic wrap.......sheeez!! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scrap Canes and Art on the Square

This last weekend was the annual Art on the Square here is our little village. They block off the street around the square and local artists make these incredible drawings in chalk on the pavement. Even more incredible because the are working on pavement in sweltering heat. Why they hold this festival in august is beyond me. I am always amazed they get so many folks to participate. There were close to 50 artists willing to endure the heat, here are my favorites.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

There was also this amazing sand sculpture artist. It was fun to watch him work and see this amazing piece take shape.

I had big plans to use the weekend to finish my coasters for the coaster swap, I signed up to make 8 but I  only finished 4. I still have time but I'm beginning to feel the pressure, I don't like putting things off to the last minute.

 I can't show you the coasters until after the swap but here are some funky canes I made from the scraps and then some tiles I make with the canes. They give you a hint of what the coasters look like.... just a hint tho.

O yes, I almost forgot.  I discovered this extremely talented gourd artist at the festival.  Her work is  Southwestern Native American and it is gorgeous. I blew my PC allowance for the next 6 months. I couldn't resist I bought bunches of her pieces.... I bought some on saturday and then went back on sunday to get more.  She and her husband were such warm friendly folks, I liked them as much as her art work.  I wanted to buy everything  but, with Heather's help, I managed to control myself.  They will be setting up at an art festival at Carlyle Lake in september... I can get more then.

 I will show you what I bought tomorrow, wait til you see, you are going to love it too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I can see the basement floor.

I feel bad about neglecting my blog. 

It's Heather's fault. If I left her alone in the basement she would get rid of everything, I can't let that happen, there is lots of good stuff down there.  I'm being good though, getting rid of most of it. Sometimes, after she leaves, I sneak down and rescue an item of two.  

I've been doing research on Etsy, so many talented folks on there!!  I love the "Altered Art" pieces and the "Repurposed" items.... and I learned about "French Flea Market", Country Cottage, "Shabby Chic" and "Romantic Victorian" decor... who knew? I got lots of that stuff, I just called it "Antiques & Collectibles".  So you can see why I had to rescue the white graniteware pieces, the old cookie cutters and the print tablecloths, right? 

 Tomorrow all the boxes we packed will go to the auction barn. We still have lots of paper items to go through but I should be able to return to claying, at least part time,  in a week or so.  I better, cause I have to get my coasters made for the up coming "coaster swap".   I finally came up with a design I like, now all I have to do is condition all that clay and get the coasters made. Easy peazy, right?

Last Sunday, the two granddaughters, Sarah and Amanda,  helped clear the basement by taking home two car loads of stuff.  Sarah took a set of china, a set of silverware, glassware in ruby red and green, a funky vase and other odds and ends. Amanda took a lamp, some glassware including a set of depression glass sherbets, a set of 40's glasses in a wooden holder, a pretty blue vase, a blue glass console bowl,  a yellow and white graniteware teakettle, some old books and a wooden crate.  

I was thrilled that they found so many things they could use.  

Little Lily found a few things she like too.  She was quite taken with this 20's style play cabinet 

and the matching drop leaf table. The table needs to be repainted but it's still nice and sturdy and fun to play with.   I've had the set for years, I used it in the shop and at shows to display children's glassware and china. 

Sarah also took this little school desk.  Isn't it cute?

When the weather cools down we will do the attic.