Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Trash to Treasure Swap Box ...It's Here!!

Click on the photos for a closer look.

It was fun to go through...lots of goodies and here is what I am keeping. Pretty beads from Moe and Pat, lovely buttons from Jackie S,  cool tiles from Jackie M (or as I like to think of them Jackie I and Jackie II)...actually I think of Jackie II as Cat but that gets confusing too as we have another Cat.... See how easy I get sidetracked.. back to the box.. 

I also kept the cutting mat and some thin texture sheets from Jackie II.. I needed a cutting mat, had it on my shopping list so that was cool and the textures are really neat, I didn't take the whole sheets, I cut a piece off of each. I am going to use them to texture the backs of pendants, it will cut down on sanding, yipee!

 I also kept 2 packs of charms and little dice beads from Gloria, 2 wooden bracelet blanks from Janie, a set of copper tubes for Mokume Gane and a hunk of telephone wire (I love telephone wire, all the pretty little wires inside!) from Jodie, a pretty focal bead from Barbara, a package of wiggle eyes from Rebecca and a couple Polymer Cafe Magazines. All in all a pretty good haul, wouldn't you say? 

And I got presents too. An absolutely gorgeous pen from the fabulous Miss Jackie  and a fabulous Aloha purse hook from the one and only Moe. I is a lucky girl!! 

And here is what I am putting in.

.... after I wrapped the canes in plastic wrap they fit into 4 rows in the storage box so I used the 5th row for glass buttons.  I make molds from the buttons and then use them to make polymer clay beads or buttons. And I added a few things I made.  

I almost forgot...all my coasters  for the Coaster Swap are made, not done but made, I still have to sand, buff and add cork to the backs but at least they are out of the oven and I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out. Guess I better start sanding so I can get them mailed. 


  1. Wow! Lucky Beej! :) Great stuff you are puttin gin, too. :) I wanna be AFTER you!

  2. Oh my gosh, the doggie cane is in there. Darn it anyway! I am SO SO SO jealous of those who come after... sigh. Nice stuff!! You are so good to share it all.

  3. Thanks guys... I was lucky enough to be after both of you!!

  4. Hello! I just discovered Your Blog, fantastic work and very inspired. I like Your style and the way You play with clay and wire! I have been made deep look to Your Blog! :) :)

  5. Thanks for shopping by, I'm pleased you enjoyed my blog and thank you for the nice compliments. Please stop in again. BJ