Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I can see the basement floor.

I feel bad about neglecting my blog. 

It's Heather's fault. If I left her alone in the basement she would get rid of everything, I can't let that happen, there is lots of good stuff down there.  I'm being good though, getting rid of most of it. Sometimes, after she leaves, I sneak down and rescue an item of two.  

I've been doing research on Etsy, so many talented folks on there!!  I love the "Altered Art" pieces and the "Repurposed" items.... and I learned about "French Flea Market", Country Cottage, "Shabby Chic" and "Romantic Victorian" decor... who knew? I got lots of that stuff, I just called it "Antiques & Collectibles".  So you can see why I had to rescue the white graniteware pieces, the old cookie cutters and the print tablecloths, right? 

 Tomorrow all the boxes we packed will go to the auction barn. We still have lots of paper items to go through but I should be able to return to claying, at least part time,  in a week or so.  I better, cause I have to get my coasters made for the up coming "coaster swap".   I finally came up with a design I like, now all I have to do is condition all that clay and get the coasters made. Easy peazy, right?

Last Sunday, the two granddaughters, Sarah and Amanda,  helped clear the basement by taking home two car loads of stuff.  Sarah took a set of china, a set of silverware, glassware in ruby red and green, a funky vase and other odds and ends. Amanda took a lamp, some glassware including a set of depression glass sherbets, a set of 40's glasses in a wooden holder, a pretty blue vase, a blue glass console bowl,  a yellow and white graniteware teakettle, some old books and a wooden crate.  

I was thrilled that they found so many things they could use.  

Little Lily found a few things she like too.  She was quite taken with this 20's style play cabinet 

and the matching drop leaf table. The table needs to be repainted but it's still nice and sturdy and fun to play with.   I've had the set for years, I used it in the shop and at shows to display children's glassware and china. 

Sarah also took this little school desk.  Isn't it cute?

When the weather cools down we will do the attic.


  1. I'm glad your granddaughters took your glass. So much better than taking to a thrift shop or selling to a stranger.

  2. We put the children's table and cabinets in the basement and Lily has a play living room and kitchen there now. She loves it.

  3. That makes me happy. I will be over to see it soon.