Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canes for the T2T Swap

I had big plans for the weekend, I was going to make canes on saturday and finish the coasters for the Coaster Swap on sunday. 

 I started off pretty good. I was searching through my canes for a couple I wanted to duplicate...  then I got involved in sorting and rearranging. That was my down fall. I'm next to receive  the 2nd Trash to Treasure Swap Box so  while I was doing the sorting and rearranging I thought it would be fun to select some canes to put in the swap box.  There are several that I have way more of than I'll ever use, like the red rose, the bluebird, the brain cane and the leaves.  I wanted to make sure they were all in good shape so I reduced them a bit and took a couple slices, even made a few beads.  Here is the assortment I came up. They are all about 1 1/4" long and different widths ranging from the 3/8" Scotty to 1 1/4" for the big red flower.  I decided to leave them in the storage box so they won't get squished. 

Click on the photo for a closer look.

I've also got some finished pieces to put in the swap box and I was thinking maybe some buttons  to use for molds and I always have odd wire doodads lying around.  I don't have many extra supplies as those always go to my granddaughter.  

I'll post more photos when the swap box arrives... should be here monday or tuesday. 

Now I have to go wrap each of the canes in plastic wrap.......sheeez!! 

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  1. NO FAIR!!! I want to be AFTER you!!!

    Great canes, everybody is crazy for the bluebird cane, it will be gone first minute!

    You are so sweet to share like this.