Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry White Christmas

We are having a White Christmas.... just enough snow to make everything look pretty.

Taken from the back porch

Corny checking out the snow

Taste test

My blue and brown tree fell over

It's fine now, Roger fixed it for me.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Funny Bunnies Polymer Clay & Wire

I fully intended to decorate more ornaments but I got sidetracked with my Funny Bunnies.... they are more fun and don't give me fits .... I'll try ornaments again later.... maybe.

For the bunnies I make the wire frames first and then back them with clay.  Parawire had a new color of wire, Rose Gold, that is the primary color for the first bunny.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Here he is before I added the clay background.

Once I added the clay I took his picture with some of my clowns, isn't he a cutie?

Here is a close up

I used copper and orange wire for the second Funny Bunny 

and then used clay scraps from the first bunny to swirl the background. I painted him with PearlEx to get the shine.

Next I made a floppy eared bunny. This time I used brown and magenta wire. 

I haven't backed him yet.... I know he looks a little chilly but he will have to remain naked until after I bake my Christmas cookie. I have my dough chilling in the fridge. I hope to get some of them baked this evening. 

See ya later.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Attempt at Christmas Ornaments

It's a rather pathetic attempt, so far I've manage to finish three.

One of the gals over on Polymer Clay Central made bunches of beautiful glass ornaments decorated with polymer clay.  "Looks like fun" says I, "I think I'll give it a try.".   So I bundle up and head over to WalMart. Walmart is now the only place in town to buy things including  ornaments, they ran all the other stores out of town, even the dollar store couldn't compete...but I digress I was talking ornaments.  And of course they did not have any glass ornaments, only "shatterproof" plastic.  Boooooo!! I really miss Ben Franklin, they closed not long after WalMart came to town but I still miss them.

Next day Heather, Roger and I went to Michaels over in Edwardsville, I needed some clay supplies and while we were there I found some gold and brown glass ornaments.... and they were on sale... perfect, now I could  slap clay on them to my hearts content.  Speaking of sales, have you ever noticed half of Micheals inventory is always on sale.... you think they see us coming?  Plus I had my 50% off coupon which I always forget to use.

Later that evening, after I got hubby off to work, I whistled a happy tune as I laid out my supplies, got out the clay and started mixing colors. I made some stripes, I made some flowers, I cut some stars , I cleaned the first ornament and with much anticipation I placed the first line of clay on the glass.... huh.... it would not stick.... nope, not sticking at all. It stuck to my fingers, it stuck to the acrylic rod, it even stuck to the parchment paper but not to the glass.  After much smoothing and rolling .... and swearing... I finally got it to stick... the back of my fingernail worked the best, I've pretty sure the swearing helped too.  Here are the results so far.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I had almost as much fun trying to get photos as I did making these blasted things!! Shiny ornaments have lots of glare... grrrrrr!

I used Kato clay for these and I anchored the tendrils with Kato liquid clay. Next time I will try Premo and Fimo Classic... oh, and I will try Pardo Art Clay, maybe it will stick better. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mixed Media Hearts and Things

I just this minute finished my Christmas shopping, I love the internet!!  We had our first snow last night, woke up to a glistening snow covered world, very pretty but also very cold so I was happy to do my shopping in front of the computer.

My tree is up, not decorated but it is sitting in the living room waiting to be adorned with twinkling lights and pretty ornaments.  I am trying something new this year, I'm doing the tree in blues and browns to match my living room.  I'm  little nervous, my eldest grandson is big on tradition,  I'm not sure how he will react to the change, he likes things to be the same at Grandma's house.

Here are some of the wire and polymer clay things I've been working one.

Wire hearts before I added the clay

Click on the photos for a closer look.

and here they are after I backed them with polymer clay

Here is another of my wire critters before the clay

and now with the clay backing

and I also made some wire "cage" pendants.  I will  add clay accents later. 

This one is my favorite

and this was just for fun... a wire "zentangle" inspired by the amazing zentangles by Ruth and Dora on their Flickr pages. 

I am going to go decorate the tree. See ya later!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Pin

Okay, I am not doing good keeping up with my blog!  The faster I go the behinder I get... did you all know that Christmas is in 3 weeks... how the hell did that happen?

I have been working my little heart out making the ornaments for the Mini Christmas Ornament Swap and I am happy to announce I am  done...well almost done, I still need to sew them on cards, put them in plastic bags and mail them.... which is taking almost as much time as making them.  I know what you're thinking... "why is the dummy sewing them on cards?"  right?,   see, I knew you were thinking that.   And the answer is because I put a lot of time and energy into making them and I don't want them to get broken or smushed plus they look nice on the cards.  I'll show them to you when the swap is over.

 I also made a Christmas pin with the scraps, that I can show you. Here it is.  Click on the photo for a closer look.


and here is the back... as you can see it doesn't have a pinback yet... another thing on my "to do " list.

Here is the striped cane I used on some of the ornaments, the little cane on the left is made from scraps.

I am now going to go sew ornaments of cards.... see you later.