Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mixed Media Hearts and Things

I just this minute finished my Christmas shopping, I love the internet!!  We had our first snow last night, woke up to a glistening snow covered world, very pretty but also very cold so I was happy to do my shopping in front of the computer.

My tree is up, not decorated but it is sitting in the living room waiting to be adorned with twinkling lights and pretty ornaments.  I am trying something new this year, I'm doing the tree in blues and browns to match my living room.  I'm  little nervous, my eldest grandson is big on tradition,  I'm not sure how he will react to the change, he likes things to be the same at Grandma's house.

Here are some of the wire and polymer clay things I've been working one.

Wire hearts before I added the clay

Click on the photos for a closer look.

and here they are after I backed them with polymer clay

Here is another of my wire critters before the clay

and now with the clay backing

and I also made some wire "cage" pendants.  I will  add clay accents later. 

This one is my favorite

and this was just for fun... a wire "zentangle" inspired by the amazing zentangles by Ruth and Dora on their Flickr pages. 

I am going to go decorate the tree. See ya later!


  1. You are the wire queen and have converted me! I normally don't like wire wrapped anything, but I LOVE your work. It sings. It flows and is balanced; not too much, not too little. I would take a workshop from you if you ever have one.

  2. Thank you so much, I am thrilled that you like my work. BJ

  3. I love the combination of polymer clay with the wire! Beautyfull

  4. WOW! Those are so pretty! It looks like a lot of very tiny work!!

  5. Your wirework is amazing, BJ, simply amazing. I love love love the cages! They are totally neat! It's good that you're doing something different for the Christmas tree. Tell your grandson, "mixing it up is good!" Hugs.

  6. Thank you Jellina

    Thank you Vikki Jo, there is a lot of tiny work involved, but it's fun to do.

    Thanks Jackie, I like the cages too, they might make neat earrings, we'll see.

    The tree looks good... I'll let you know if Nick likes it, he'll be home on the 26th.... I think.