Monday, January 31, 2011

Annual "Thing A Day" Challenge

Tomorrow is the first day of the annual "Thing a Day Challenge" on Polymer Clay Central.  The challenge was started in 2008 by one of the PCC regulars, Seana, to chase away the winter blues and get our creative juices flowing. It's a fun challenge, anyone can join, there is no mailing involved and it's great fun to see what everyone is working on.

The rules are simple:  Each day in February do something related to polymer clay, take a photo and post it in the Polymer Clay Central Forum.  That's it, easy peasy.....  come on over and join in the fun...

Now here are photos of more pendants and beads I made from the striped canes.

Click on the photos for a closer look.


Solid color beads decorated with cross cut strips from the striped cane.

                                             I made tube beads and  misc beads from scraps.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by....... and don't forget the "TAD"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Polymer Clay Striped Cane and Jewelry

I like stripes, all kinds of stripes, different widths, different colors. I like to combine them with other shapes.

  I am going to concentrate on stripes for the next few days and see what I come up with. Here are my frist stripe canes.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I made a multicolor stripe cane and used it to make the abstract cane.

plus a couple more variations 

I made this pendant from the end scraps, added a few little flowers and filled the opening in the center with  colored wire and crystal beads. 

More pendants, the one on the top right is from end scraps. I made the design on the other two by cutting a log off the stripe cane twisting it, rolling it smooth and cutting length wire.  I liked the little flowers on the first one so I scatterer them across these too. 

I made beads to use with the pendants but they are in the oven.  I'll show them to you later. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Polymer Clay Valentine Hearts

My muse has been giving me a hard time, she doesn't like dull winter days. I did manage to make some hearts.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

First I made some canes.

I was going to use this one for borders

Then I decided to slice it from corner to corner and made these

I reduced the one on the left, cut it into 4 pieces and made this cane

it's over reduced and it's ugly... it looks like a bug, an ugly tick. So I dismantled the 4 pieces, twisted and rolled them smooth, cut lengthwise and made hearts for this necklace.........

which I love! It looks great with jeans. I used lapis beads and rose gold 18 gauge wire to make the chain.

I used the scraps to  make pendants.

I made some tiny heart beads and added  them to this wire pendant. 

Scrap Hearts

and more hearts

I am working on some striped pieces now and will post them in a day or two.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mixed Media Rabbit & Cat

I dreamt about claying last night . In my dream I made lots and lots of pretty hearts for Valentine's Day.

So after I had my coffee, checked my email, checked for new posts on Polymer Clay Central, checked for new items on Flickr .... did a few chores... this is my morning routine.... I headed back to the clay room to play with clay.  I was there to make hearts,  but then I saw my nekkid wire bunny and kitty, they really needed to be finished.  I get side tracked so easily.... so, no hearts today... but I did make these.

Click on the photos for a closer look

Another funny bunny

and his kitty friend

Tomorrow I will add pin backs on my critters and then I am going make hearts.... lots and lots of  hearts..... really .... you believe me don't you? 

Friday, January 7, 2011

2nd Half of Gift Wrapping Challenge

Okay, where did I leave off... I think Roger is up next.  His gift was for Patty (our younger daughter Pathena, the grandmother of wee Lily, we call her Patty cause most folks butcher her name. )

Patty has for many years collected Santa's, she has a whole house full, so this year she decided to start collecting Christmas trees. She also likes wire art so what better present than a HUGE wire tree decorated with many presents filled with a lovely variety of Christmas trees.  (Guess who I'm hoping gets my name next year!)

Click on the photos for a closer look.  In fact, if you double click you will get an even closer close up....

Patty's gift was for Heather.

Patty recalled when Heather was little she always hoped Santa would bring her a horse... so this year she finally got one.

Isn't he just an absolute delight? He is made of wrapped presents, it was hard to watch him dismantled. This is from the daughter who says she has no talent for making things...

This year Heather drew Eric's name.   Eric seems to inspire who every gets his name.... remember the PEZ?   He also collects penguins (we are a family of collectors, if you are not a collector when you join the family, you soon will be, its a requirement.)  this is a one of a kind addition to his collection..... It's a snow globe.... and it lights up!!  and yes, those are handmade polymer clay penguins.

Eric wrapped a gift for Cory. Eric flew in on the 31st and just made it in time for the gift exchange. He had to have something that was compact and easy to carry on the plane His gift was a Yule Log made from real logs that had been hollowed out.  He confessed he didn't do the hollowing, he purchased the logs at a pet store.... apparently they sell hollowed out logs for pet snakes.. icky!! but they made an elegant package.

If you are following the order here you will recall that Cory gave his gift to Brandon W. at the first party so the next up is Granddad Lynn, his gift is for Brandon L.

 Long ago we made a sacred pact to never let Granddad near a hammer, glue gun, roll of tape, wrapping paper, ribbon.... nothing that requires a modicum of  manual dexterity .... makes us all shutter thinking about it... so he is the one person in the family who is allowed to contract out his gift wrapping chore. Last year I wrapped for him, this year I passed the torch to Heather.

Brandon collects comic books (see, I told you, another collector) and his favorite is Green Lantern so of course his gift is wrapped in the form of a Green Lantern with lights and a handle.  Amazing what can be done with plastic bowls and cups... and a glue gun.  Pretty neat huh?

Brandon's gift was for his brother Nicholas. Brandon is the very worst procrastinator in the family. At 1:00 PM on the 31st he not only hadn't wrapped his gift he hadn't even bought his gift.... his mother and I were verklempted to say the least. We ordered him out the door and threatened him with sever bodily harm if he came back empty handed. Much to our surprise he not only came up with a nice gift he also did a fine job wrapping it.  Will wonders never cease?

Nicholas works in a coffee shop so Brandon made a "to go" coffee container, even put the shop name on the cup and gave it a candy cane stirrer.

Nicholas is up next, he wrapped a gift for Eugene.

 Eugene is a music lover, he collects records and CD's,  his favorite group use to be the Beatles but alas the Beatles have been replaced by a new group "Here come the Mummies" .  Now this Mummy group has a nice beat but "my oh my" the lyrics..... not nice, not nice at all!! I will say nothing more.

Nick cut open a poor little Teddy bear put tickets to a "Mummy" concert inside and wrapped the bear like a mummy....see. Isn't he the sweetest thing?  I just want to hug the poor little critter.

Eugene already gave his gift to Granddad Lynn... so Andrea is up next.

Andrea's gift was for Zachery. She made copies of photos and wrapped his gift.... not bad, but the competition is stiff this year...she promised to do better next year.

Zachery in turn wrapped a gift for Andrea. He was another of our procrastinators... not as bad as Brandon but ran a close second.  He did a darn good job too.

Andrea loves wine, she and Moe would have a great time.  Zachery wrapped her gift as a wine glass and filled it with "fruit" presents.   Came up with the idea all by himself,  he did good!!

That is almost the last of them... just one to go.... the grand prize winner of the coveted Santa Trophy!!

Drum roll please!!!

My sweet son drew my name and wrapped this fantabulous present just for me... made me cry!

Lynn got me a iPad for Christmas so Brad loaded it with games, audio books and songs from the 50's and made a wonderful slide show video featuring photos of the 1st half of my life. He wrapped it in the form of a picture album and used the video like a 50's drive-in theater.  My maiden name is Knight.... hence the "Knight Stories" theme.  Starts from when I was a baby.

Until Lynn and I got married.... and then kids came along. Thats a picture of us with the 2 girls above the slide show on the iPad.

He put a short bio on the inside back cover. 

Here's close up so you can read what it says, You can get a better look by clicking on the photo. (Just so you know, he was teasing his sisters with the comments at the end.)

And on the back cover he printed some of the comments left on my Flickr site. Brad is a stickler for detail... see the "Publisher" and the bar code. A pretty wonderful gift wouldn't you say?

Oh... and the reason he used a print of Wilma Flintstone is because for most of my life I had very long hair which I wore in a bun on the top of my head, like Wilma.

And that ends another Hendershott Family Holiday Special.  See you next year!!

 Best wishes for a Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Annual Christmas Wrapping Contest

We had a marvelous Christmas, all the wrappers out did themselves and believe it or not are already making plans for next year.  With all the comings and goings it was a bit difficult getting everyone together for the opening of the gifts and we ended up with a two part family gathering. The first half was on Dec 26th and the finale was New Years Eve. Worked great....

 Here are the entries from the first half

This is a gift for Brandon W (we have two Brandon's... grandson Brandon L and grandson-in-law Brandon W) from Cory

Brandon loves his truck so Cory fashioned a truck from cardboard, filled the back with gifts....

and also put one under the hood. We are off to a good start don't ya think?

Brandon wrapped his gift for Benjamin.  

Benjamin loves wine and cigars so Brandon filled a coffin with gifts "that will kill you".  If you have followed our previous gift exchanges you know some of our family members are a bit "strange".... and Brandon is married to Sarah who did the bloody dog thing last year.  

Benjamin wrapped a gift for Brad. 

 Brad has always been a fan of Charlie Brown so he was thrilled with his Charlie Brown Christmas theme. How cute is this?

I can't show you Brads right now, I have to take better photos... it was a gift for me... so moving right along... I wrapped a gift for Sarah

A Giant Cupcake filled with.... what else..... polymer clay supplies, books, clay and a pasta machine. 

Sarah, our winner last year, wrapped a gift for her sister Amanda. She was pressed for time due to college finals and her hubby on leave from the Navy, plus she is the mommy of a 2 year old... so she wasn't able to devote a lot of time to wrapping... 

Amanda is an artist so Sarah wrapped her gift in pictures of fine art. Sara is planning to reclaim the trophy net year. 

Amanda's gift was for another past winner, Roger. 

Roger has recently become an enthusiastic member of a Dungeons and Dragons group... I'm pretty sure he joined a cult... so Amanda put her artistic talents to work and wrapped his gift as a 20 sided dice.  

Granddad Lynn had to work on New Years eve so Eugene gave him his gift... now according to Eugene he thought he had another week to plan his he wasn't prepared and his gift was wrapped in plain old Christmas paper.... didn't even rate a bow, nothing....  You can believe that story if you want to, me, I'm a little skeptical.  Every year we have at least one piker, I won't mention any names but they know of whom I speak.  Next year I will be keeping an eye on Eugene.  

Roger will be first up in the next installment.... which I will post tomorrow. Some really awesome entries yet to be  revealed so I hope you'll stop in..... and you don't want to miss the winner. 

Just wanted to add a couple photos of what made this a truly Joyous Christmas.  Having a baby in the family reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Uncle Brad bought Lily a set of pink mustaches which she loves.... take a look.

Lily wanted to see how she looked so  her grandma, my daughter , (yikes our daughter is a grandma!) held her up to a mirror.

She had no problem keeping it on and walked around like it was part of her daily attire.

This is my favorite and is now my screen saver.  She is such a funny bunny!! We all love her to pieces.