Sunday, January 23, 2011

Polymer Clay Valentine Hearts

My muse has been giving me a hard time, she doesn't like dull winter days. I did manage to make some hearts.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

First I made some canes.

I was going to use this one for borders

Then I decided to slice it from corner to corner and made these

I reduced the one on the left, cut it into 4 pieces and made this cane

it's over reduced and it's ugly... it looks like a bug, an ugly tick. So I dismantled the 4 pieces, twisted and rolled them smooth, cut lengthwise and made hearts for this necklace.........

which I love! It looks great with jeans. I used lapis beads and rose gold 18 gauge wire to make the chain.

I used the scraps to  make pendants.

I made some tiny heart beads and added  them to this wire pendant. 

Scrap Hearts

and more hearts

I am working on some striped pieces now and will post them in a day or two.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love your hearts BJ! I especially love the purple and silver with the zig zag down the middle. Enjoyed the walk down "creation lane" and had to laugh when you then ended up with something you didn't like... but that is the beauty of polymer clay, you can 'fix' ANYTHING ~ and make it something you love! :) Your wire pendant is adorable BTW!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your blue and white scrap pendants. I find I sometimes get better results with the scraps than with whatever I was planning to do. Gorgeous work!

  3. Las cañas y corazones son fabulosos !!!!, me encantan !!!!. Bravo !!!

  4. Your cane work is beautiful. I too love the purple and silver with the zigzag down the middle.

  5. Wonderful canes and hearts (both big and tiny). I like all of them, but the canes with the flowers the very best and those blue and white are super special, too.

  6. Beautiful canes and pendants! I love the heart necklace!

  7. Thank you Trina, i'm happy you enjoyed your stroll down my "creation lane".

    Thank you Kael, I love scraps, most of my best work comes from scraps. My daughter is convinced I only make canes for the end pieces.... she may be right.

    Muchas gracias Fabi

    Thank you Sandy,, you must be related to the gal up there who like the same hearts! lol

    Thank you Anita, I appreciate the kind words.

    Thanks you Desert Wind, and thank you for stopping by. I checked your blog, you make beautiful creative pieces....I added you to my blog list so I can follow more of your work. BJ

  8. I had fun looking at all your creations, from the amazing little flowers in the cane, to your cute heart necklace to the wire work. You do such interesting work! Thanks for sharing it.