Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Annual Christmas Wrapping Contest

We had a marvelous Christmas, all the wrappers out did themselves and believe it or not are already making plans for next year.  With all the comings and goings it was a bit difficult getting everyone together for the opening of the gifts and we ended up with a two part family gathering. The first half was on Dec 26th and the finale was New Years Eve. Worked great....

 Here are the entries from the first half

This is a gift for Brandon W (we have two Brandon's... grandson Brandon L and grandson-in-law Brandon W) from Cory

Brandon loves his truck so Cory fashioned a truck from cardboard, filled the back with gifts....

and also put one under the hood. We are off to a good start don't ya think?

Brandon wrapped his gift for Benjamin.  

Benjamin loves wine and cigars so Brandon filled a coffin with gifts "that will kill you".  If you have followed our previous gift exchanges you know some of our family members are a bit "strange".... and Brandon is married to Sarah who did the bloody dog thing last year.  

Benjamin wrapped a gift for Brad. 

 Brad has always been a fan of Charlie Brown so he was thrilled with his Charlie Brown Christmas theme. How cute is this?

I can't show you Brads right now, I have to take better photos... it was a gift for me... so moving right along... I wrapped a gift for Sarah

A Giant Cupcake filled with.... what else..... polymer clay supplies, books, clay and a pasta machine. 

Sarah, our winner last year, wrapped a gift for her sister Amanda. She was pressed for time due to college finals and her hubby on leave from the Navy, plus she is the mommy of a 2 year old... so she wasn't able to devote a lot of time to wrapping... 

Amanda is an artist so Sarah wrapped her gift in pictures of fine art. Sara is planning to reclaim the trophy net year. 

Amanda's gift was for another past winner, Roger. 

Roger has recently become an enthusiastic member of a Dungeons and Dragons group... I'm pretty sure he joined a cult... so Amanda put her artistic talents to work and wrapped his gift as a 20 sided dice.  

Granddad Lynn had to work on New Years eve so Eugene gave him his gift... now according to Eugene he thought he had another week to plan his he wasn't prepared and his gift was wrapped in plain old Christmas paper.... didn't even rate a bow, nothing....  You can believe that story if you want to, me, I'm a little skeptical.  Every year we have at least one piker, I won't mention any names but they know of whom I speak.  Next year I will be keeping an eye on Eugene.  

Roger will be first up in the next installment.... which I will post tomorrow. Some really awesome entries yet to be  revealed so I hope you'll stop in..... and you don't want to miss the winner. 

Just wanted to add a couple photos of what made this a truly Joyous Christmas.  Having a baby in the family reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Uncle Brad bought Lily a set of pink mustaches which she loves.... take a look.

Lily wanted to see how she looked so  her grandma, my daughter , (yikes our daughter is a grandma!) held her up to a mirror.

She had no problem keeping it on and walked around like it was part of her daily attire.

This is my favorite and is now my screen saver.  She is such a funny bunny!! We all love her to pieces. 


  1. What a cool idea and what a creative family you have! Love the sweet pink mustachioed "funny bunny", too

  2. Thanks for including us in your creative holiday gifting! After last year's challenge...I didn't think they could be topped!
    The pink mustache is adorable!!!

  3. Thank you Anita. Our gift wrapping has become our favorite tradition.

    Thanks Jodie, more to come..... really cool stuff!

  4. What an Awesome post. I love all the ideas that everyone came up with. You must have a ball creating them.

  5. Thank you Sandy. We do have a ball, I'm amazed at how much everyone enjoys it. I can't remember what hardly any of the gifts were but I sure can recall how they were wrapped!!

  6. Oh my goodness! I was perusing the internet looking for inspiration for my contest entry this year and I can't believe there's another family that does this. We've been having a gift wrapping contest at my grandmother's house for the last 15 or so years. Rules are that the wrapping has to match the gift and no commercial wrapping can be used. We even have a trophy inscribed with "Bestest Gift Wrapper". I wish I had pictures to share with you. Anyway, Merry Christmas, happy wrapping, and thanks for sharing! ~Samantha