Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Polymer Clay Cane Work Beads

I meant to post this last night and forgot so I will quickly do it now while my laundry is drying. Our daughter & SIL is coming for al long weekend, will arrive tomorrow and stay until Sunday... maybe monday.

Halloween is a big deal in Eureka Springs even the adults dress up for trick or treating. .... most of their treats are in liquid form. Then the next night is the Zombie Parade with floats and dancing. Folks come from all over the take part in the festivities.

Okay back to claying

I was playing around with folded clay and made these

Here's a closer look at the green one

and here's the other one

I had fun playing with these folds and plan to make more, may even attempt a tutorial.

Mostly I made cane work beads. Beads sell pretty well in the gallery, so I thought I better make more.

Purple beads made using the pictured cane.

I used the pictured cane to made these oval beads. I also made a couple round beads that I plan to swirl. Swirl beads always sell, we know they are easy to make but the public doesn't.

I used the colorful flower cane to made coin beads and a couple swirls with some scraps.

The cane was made from one of my border canes, I used it to make the beads,

Here is my work table with more canes to make more beads.....

While I was playing with clay my cat, Corney was trying to fit herself into a small box under my work table......

She rolled herself into a ball and took a nap. Does that look comfortable to you?

Gotta go, that's it for today.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumn Wall Art & Beads

I've had a busy week. We went to Mountain View Arkansas for a few days with my cousins Neal and Carol. It is a delightful little town with a variety of shops and wonderful folk and blue grass music. We stay at the Wild Flower Bed & Breakfast, it's under new management and the new owner is a terrific cook, her breakfasts are to die for. It's perfectly located within walking distance of the downtown shops and the park.  In the afternoons and evening you will find local and visiting musicians playing together in the park so take your lawn chairs and enjoy.

Yesterdays and today I made a few beads but first I made this wall art piece and added one of my wire and polymer clay owls and pumpkin. It's a little dark but I like it.

And I made beads.

I used an old cane that I've had for many years to make swirl beads. Swirl beads and jewelry made with swirl beads always sell well.... I like these, they have a wonderful organic look.

First I made round beads

And gave them a swirl...

I also made some Swirly coin beads with end of day scraps. After I cured the beads I painted the edges gold to give them a little bling.

I also made another mirror image...... trying to decide if I should use it this side up...

or this side up.  What do you think?

Time for a quick lunch and then I may go outside for while.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Scrap Beads & Pendants

It is raining today, a perfect day to stay inside and play with clay.

I sat down at my work table fully intending to make cane work beads. First I needed to clear the scraps off my work area, as I was putting them away I spotted my scrap bins and decided to play with scraps instead.  I have a hard time resisting scraps.

I took out several bags of cane scraps

Selected a hand full from the bag of cobblestone cane scraps and added a few from the black and white scraps.....I am running low on black and white scraps, guess I better make more black and white canes.

This isn't a very good photo, the lighting is poor in here. I take most of my photos on the porch but like I said it is raining and breezy out there.

I squished them into a ball, rolled them into a long log, folded the log in half, twisted it and rolled  it into a log again, flattened it with my brayer and cut it in half lengthwise.... next time I will take photos of each step.

This mirror image piece is the result. Lots of cool images in this one, it is fairly large, 2" x 4 1/2".  I will add wire and use it on a journal cover or wall art.

Here are more pieces made from scraps.  Most will be used as pendants and beads.

More scrap pieces. Not sure what I will do with these, I'll think of something.

Now I really am going to get out my canes and make cane work beads..... or I might make canes. What ever I do I will post photos.

That's it for today.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Clunky Bangle Bracelet & Mixed Media Pendant

I don't wear bracelets, as a result I rarely make them.  This is my second attempt at a bangle.

I also made a complimentary pendant with scrap clay, wire and beads. I don't think I could live without scraps!!

In order in reinforce the bracelet I started with 3 rings of 18 gauge wire.

Then I condition scrap clay and wrapped it around the wire. I wasn't trying to be neat as I wanted the bracelet clunky.  I did make sure the wire was covered and there was no air pockets.

Next I made a red Skinner blend cane and used slices to completely cover the clay.

After smoothing the cane slices with an acrylic rod I used a cherry tomato mesh bag to texture the clay.

I save all the mesh bags veggies come in, they create interesting designs.  I think this one looks like reptile skin. I blogged about using mesh bags a few years ago, here is the link Mesh Bags Textures

Here's how it looks after curing.

I had the end scraps from the Skinner blend cane and some odds and ends from another project so I made a couple beads.

I added wire and beads to the one on the left and made a pendant to wear with the bracelet.

Here is the back side.

I will add wire and beads to the other scrap bead this evening and will post photos next time.

Thats it for today. If you have questions or comments, I will do my best to answer.

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