Saturday, July 24, 2010

Antique Jewelry

Fritz watching tv. I have a small tv in my office, it sits on a little foot stool that is about 8" off the floor. It's the perfect height for Fritz to watch his favorite shows.  He likes animal shows, Big Cat Diary is his favorite and anything with domestic cats or dogs. Does your cat watch tv? My other cat, Corny, could care less, she'd rather go outside and hunt little critters, she killed another bunny. 
Click on the photos for a closer look.

 Here is some of the antique jewelry I found while clearing out the basement.  This first photo is single cufflinks that I've acquired over the years. Most were in old button boxes or tins. I've always thought I would find a use for them. Maybe I can figure out a way to use them with polymer clay. Any suggestions?
 Antique pins. The cameo can be worn as a pin or pendant.
 Mostly pins/brooches and a couple lockets.
 A couple tortoise shell brooches, tie clasps, hairwork watch chain & fob, bars pins and rings.
 Another watch chain and fob, slide chain, brooches, stick pins, earrings, and cuff links
 Cuff links,watch fobs, cameo pendant, cameo bracelet and a couple brooches.
 Lots of odds and ends. Mostly small bar pins, some mother of pearls pin, a heart locket and another watch fob.  I still have to sort the sterling and crystal pieces and take photos. I knew there was jewelry down there.... just not that much.
Yesterday I found more buttons. They need to be sorted and then listed on Etsy. I have a gazillon old books, I've been sorting them too. Most will go to the auction but I'm keeping some to list on Etsy.  And I have lots of advertising cook booklets. They have such fun illustrations and the recipes are good too... does anyone cook from scratch anymore? I do, but I'm old and have lots of time on my hands.

Now I am going to go take photos of buttons and books so I can list them in my antique shop on Etsy. My antique shop on Etsy is Swan Song Antiques . I'll let you know what else I find.


  1. That is some collection you have there. Those vintage cufflinks would be great if they weren't single. I also see some vintage tie clips in the batch.

  2. Yip, that's the problem... I keep thinking I will find a way to use them. Years ago I met a guy who took the tops off old cuff links and made them into rings.

  3. Love all that antique jewelry! Wow! I have a huge box of stuff that looks very similar to yours, that I got when my sister died. I've cleaned some of it, but it gets overwhelming and I dumped it all back into the box.

    The TV-watching cat is pretty funny. I haven't seen a cat interested in TV before.

  4. Love all you're vintage goodies. I really like the palm tree. Love your cat and he's tv watching.