Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mixed Media PC & Wire Necklaces & A Prize

My muse has been on vacation the last couple weeks, I'm blaming it on the heat.  It's  to hot to go outside. I force myself out for short periods of time to water and pull a few weeds... but  most of the time has been used on my basement clearing project. Daughter Heather is helping me and we are making real progress... I can actually see the floor in a couple areas.  I should have taken "before" photos but I was afraid someone would turn me in to the "Hoarders" tv show.  It's time consuming because I have to go through all the boxes and drawers. Most things will go to auction or in the trash but we've also found lots of cool stuff to use in "altered art" and some interesting items for steampunk,  I was pleasantly surprised to find a treasure trove of antique jewelry... I took photos and will show them to you tomorrow.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

In the mean time I did manage to finish a couple pieces that I started a while back. The first is a polymer clay pendant to which I added laced wire and tinted fresh water pearls. The back of the pendant has cutout stars  The chain is links of black and bronze wire in two sizes.

The second pendant is a vintage glass button embedded in layered copper clay.  The top layer has a stamped design with gold highlights and then embellished with amber wire swirls. All the rhinestone had fallen out of the black glass button so  I filled the holes with Kato liquid clay to which I added copper PearlEx and a little glitter. I used fine amber wireto crochet a tube that I secured to the side with liquid clay. The bail is made from copper wire and black glass beads. I finished the necklace with black rubber cord.  For some reason this pendant didn't photograph well, I tried several backgrounds, this was the best... oh well,.... it's more attractive in person. 

This delightful pendant is the prize I won for voting in this months PCAGOE's challenge. It was made by Lynda of Diva Designs on Etsy . You can visit her shop at 


  1. Congrats on your win! You are one lucky lady to get one of Lynda's pendants!!

  2. I love the Merlin Hat pendant! Lucky you getting that lovely bird pendant! You can start your own T2T swap. Can I be first on the list? :D

  3. Hah. This program made me type in the word they gave me. Troot. I wish they said, use this word in a sentence. "These silly words are a total pain and dat's da troot!"

  4. You are right Jackie, I am a lucky lady, it's a very pretty pendant, the back is pretty too. She does a super job finishing her pieces.

    Oh Moe, you is a funny gal...and dat's da troot!!

  5. Wow, love your designs and colors. Very innovative and imaginative. Lucky you for winning that gorgeous pendant.
    Penni Jo

    PS Moe, you are so funny!! and dat's da Troot!!