Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mixed Media Fun Stuff: Polymer Clay, Wire & Beads

 I often forget to let folks know I sell most of the jewelry I make so I'm doing a little self promoting today.

My life has been so much happier since Heather took over the job of managing our shop, Knightwork Studio, on Etsy.  She takes all the photos for the shop, does the actually listing, packs all the order and sends them on their way.  She recently listed this necklace and several more...

I take most of the photos when I'm blogging.... I know.... not as good as Heather but they will have to do. She is not here when I want to blog.  The light box is down stairs and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me messing with it.... she'd never say that... but I don't like folks invading my territory so I try to respect theirs. Plus hauling stuff up and down stairs while using a cane gets complicated so I just do my picture taking my studio (or as Lily calls it "my play room")

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I made these wire doodads with one of my gadgets, added some beads......

here's a closer look

I then used them to string fold-over pendants.  I'm still trying to decided how to string this particular pendant.... I kinda like this.

Here's what I made for the other beaded wire. The links are for another necklace but I will made similar   ones, only with gold wire, to go with this necklace.  The texture on the pendant is from a ribbon and then cut out and folded over.

Close up of the pendant.

I have also had several pieces of my jewelry featured in  ETSY Treasuries in the last couple days.

All the items featured in the Treasuries are made by members of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild on Etsy   better know as PCAGOE .  If you'd like to see more of their work just do a search on Etsy for PCAGOE.

I have a bracelet in this November Blitz  Treasury by Jackie

I have a brooch in this Feeling Blue Treasury by Beth

 I have a necklace in this Giving Thanks to Etsy Treasury also by Beth

 and a necklace in this Asian Flair Treasury by Line.  Most of the items in this Treasury were in the POAGOE challenge but I haven't listed my journal cover yet so she used my double heart necklace.

Time to go.... I have to throw some food together for my hubby, shoo him off to work,  so I can watch my sunday night tv shows.  I also have to gather up things to sand and put together the beads and wire to finish my necklaces.  Gotta run....

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  1. Would love to know the gadget that you used to make those lovely bead and wire elements if it's not proprietary! Good work!

    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I got side tracked once again. Check todays blog post for info on the ripple wire gadget.

  2. Yeah, me too. If you would not mind sharing....what's the name of the gadget. It makes a lovely necklace for the fold overs. Very pretty pieces and I am so jealous you have a manager to handle your Etsy business--so smart and a lifesaver.

    1. Sorry for the delay... check todays blog post for gadget info.

      I agree, Heather is a lifesaver.... maybe I should have her take over the blog too!! lol

  3. I love how your designs go all over the place! And I mean that in the best way possible. Such a high degree of creativity. Love the idea of the fold-over pendant.