Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mixed Media Necklace & Earrings

We had weekend visitors so I haven't had time to blog.  If you want lots of company move to a resort area.... folks love it here and we enjoy showing them around.

My daughter, Heather, and her best friend, Ginny, (actually she is a family friend, we all love her) stopped by on their way to Texas for their annual YaYa retreat & stayed  here for a couple days. They arrived on friday and left this morning. Some old guy was following them around ..... I told him we were full up but he wouldn't go away so I finally gave in and let him stay .... Yes Roger, I am talking about you!!

I did get in a little clay time, this is what I am working on now. I've had this pendant for quite some time, couldn't decide on a chain or cord finally settled for a simple faux suede cord that compliments the colors in the pendant. Still working on the earrings,  I have to finish the wire work, so far they look pretty good.

Here is how I finished the back of the pendant. I like for my pieces to be finished on both sides.

And I completed another Memory Wire Bracelet with matching earrings. I like these beads.

It is pass my bedtime, I keep nodding off so I better call it a day. The girls texted me,  they made it to Texas, I can now go to bed.

That's it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love these mixed media necklaces!! Awesome work!

    1. Thank you Lupe, I am pleased you like them. They are fun to make.