Sunday, September 30, 2012

Using ribbon for more Texture Fun & Favorite Tools # 8

My lastest experiment is using metallic powders and woven ribbons to create interesting textures.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

 but first I want to show you what I did with some  of the samples I made last time....remember the strips I cut with the wavy blade?  I used them to make...

a colorful teapot pin.... looks good with the peacock designer paper....

and this is just a piece I made with scraps. I used my ball stylus to add texture.

I got out an assortment of woven ribbons, painted the surface of polymer clay strips with PearlEx or Perfect Pearls and here is the results

This ribbon has a Greek Key design. I used several colors of PearlEx to get the variegated colors.

This geometrical design gave a cool effect too. I painted black clay with metallic colors to get the shimmer on this one.

 and here it is on a lighter color clay painted with aqua and pearl PearlEx powders. I trimmed the edges with the wavy blade giving it a whole new look.

This is one of my favorites.... this is old ribbon, not very pretty by itself, but it made an interesting design on the clay.

I used lacy seam binding for this one.

This ribbon has a lovely oriental design....  I love the way it came out, don't you?

I have more ribbons... and I've been looking on Esty and Ebay.... so many gorgeous designs available, unfortunately I'd have to buy several yards of each ribbon and all I really need is 8 or 10 inches....  I'm hoping I can talk one of the Esty sellers into selling me an assortments of sample strips.... that would be cool!!

Sunday is my tv night... gotta go.... Good Wife starts in 10 minutes and I need to round up pieces that need to be sanded.... and I need to gather up some wire ...

See you later, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love all your ribbon ideas, BJ! I've been watching. :) Quiet for a change, though, huh?

    1. Good to see you Jacks! The ribbon texture is so easy, I like the way it looks... I used some of them on one of my journal covers..... I'm pleased with the end result! Who knew journal covers would be so much fun.

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