Monday, September 17, 2012

Colored Wire Birdie & Favorite Tool #2

I made a woven wire birdie while watching tv last night,

I used a sheet of designer paper.... that I got on sale at Michael's

Here is a close up.... (more pretty paper)  His legs are moveable and his topknot is tinted cultured pearls.   I will put a clay back on him tomorrow.

and here is my favorite tool(s) for day 2

Some time ago I bought a package of slender steel double end knitting needles in the yarn department of ...where else?  Michael's.  I made my own bead tray from a shallow Hefty aluminum pan.  I punched holes on each side and insert the needles into the holes like great.

I am going to go play with clay now.... when I was out for me evening walk I thought of how I want to back my birdie....I'm gonna go give it a try before I forget.

Thanks for stopping by..... see you tomorrow.