Friday, September 21, 2012

Found Objects Cabochon Mold Favorite Tools Day 6

Time got away from me today I'm running late. I didn't make anything new so I'm having to rely on an oldie but a goodie for my Favorite tool.  I'm thinking I may have blogged about this before.... that's okay... some things are worth repeating. 

I love "found objects" that can be used with polymer clay. Several years ago my  daughter gave me this, it's the protective cap off her stick deodorant and it works perfectly as a cabochon mold. The handle makes it easy to remove... wish I had more of these in different shapes.  

To use the cap roll out a circle of clay, shape it into an oval. Dust the clay with baby powder or spritz with water... either works well as a release. Fit the cap over the clay and press down until the cap is filled.... trim the sides with a cutting blade or exacto knife. Gently remove the clay being careful to not distort the cabochon. 

More cabochons I made with the cap.  The finished cabs are a nice size, they measure approximately 1 1/8" x 1 3/4".  After curing I sand and buff... now they are ready to use. 

I beaded one of the cabochons and added fringe on the side. 

Another version of a beaded cabochon. 

And here is a finished necklace with a beaded cabochon pendant.  I made a beaded bail and strung the necklace on navy blue rubber cord. 

Different brands of stick deodorant  have slightly different caps, most are more narrow, this is my favorite.  It's amazing what I will do for polymer clay.... never mind if I like the deodorant ... the shape of the protective cap is the deciding factor. 

Done for today... see you next time. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Cool cab mold and beautiful beaded cabs. I'll have to check out deodorant cap shapes.

    1. Thanks Anita... if you find any new shapes let me know.

  2. There's just no end to your talent is there? I'm so jealous. These are gorgeous. Makes me flag bracelets look like kids stuff.

    Will you adopt me?

    1. Well thank you Bonnie, I'm happy you like them but let me tell ya something kiddo, your bracelets are not kid stuff.... I showed them to Heather and she said they are the nicest flag jewelry she has seen.... and I agree!

    2. Nope, haven't gotten it yet. I showed Heather the ones on your blog. I will be doing a happy dance when it arrives and will email you post haste!

  3. That green cabochon is gorgeous, I love it so much !