Saturday, September 15, 2012

Canes, Beads and Wire work

First....before I forget... I want to recommend you visit my friend Anita's blog she has a helpful list of "My favorite 25 Polymer Clay tools, Gadgets & Glues" on melobeau blog .

It got me to thinking about  the tools and gadgets that I use most often.... hummm...maybe I will make my own list to share ....  and you all can add your favorite things  too.....  good idea?  Just thinking out loud here... I could blog about one or two items per day instead of a long list all at once.... to much work..... and the one or two item thing per day would get me back to blogging more often  again.... yeah, that sounds like it would work.  I'll start that tomorrow.... right now I'll show you what I've been working on the last few days. 

Here is what is on my work table right now.  I made some Skinner canes, bulls eye canes and border canes and ended up with a bulls eye cane with a border.... 

 Click on the photos for a closer look.

Heather and I went to Michael's yesterday... polymer clay was on sale for 99 cents.... and they had lots of other things on sale too..... yikes!!  They had designer paper 50% off, storage units 50% off.... beads and findings 40% off.... plus I had a 20% off coupon which included things on sale... well who could resist all that?.... not me.  I don't do scrap booking but I love those gorgeous pads of designer paper... and  I can find other uses besides scrap booking...  right?..... They make great background when I take photos... so be prepared  for lots of coolness!

and here is a close up of the cane on a cool background

Assorted beads made from scraps.... they haven't been cured yet. 

I used gold, amber and brown wire to make a wire goldfish.... and took the photo on another cool background paper... I'm trying to decide if I want to back him with clay or leave him as is....

This is one of my "weird" creatures.  I have a drawer full of weird creatures.... I don't plan them, they just happen. (Note the cool background)

I also made a mixed media necklace.... and used a chain I bought at Michaels, it wasn't on sale but remember I did have that 20% off coupon....  and it looks really good on yet another gorgeous paper background. 

it also looks good on this background...... I couldn't decide which photo to post... when in doubt do both.

I used a multicolored bead surrounded with a woven wire design and metal beads.  I like to mix different color metal wires and beads.

Okay.... That is it for today.... 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my Fav PC studio tools blog post. I'd love to read about your fav's too! Wow, your body of work in just a few days is incredible. Your work so versatile and such fun. Great goldfish! You really scored at Michaels, cool background papers.

  2. You are welcome Anita, I am sure lots of folks will find your list very helpful.... and while there they should look around and see all the amazing things you have made!

  3. I love looking at all of your work, so unique and beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Trina, It's always a pleasure to hear from you!

  4. Hey BJ, yesterday at our guild meeting Idelle brought in a BJ cane she made with the extruder and was joking about me holding my breath. She did a demo with that thing you use so you can use a drill with your extruder. Your ears should have been ringing. Every wanted your website so I sent it to them. Now they forced me to make a BJ cane. I need you here to help me. LOL

    1. Cool! LOL, my ears were ringing ..... I just thought it was old age!!

      Did you get a photo of Idelle's cane, I would love to see it and I want to see the one you make too.... if you need help just give me a jingle. I keep telling my family I want to move out your way..... one of these days they might just listen to me.... ya think?