Monday, December 16, 2013

Something New..... and More Hearts.

This was an experiment using scrap clay and a clear stamp design.  First I rolled out a sheet of scrap clay and stamped it with a clear stamp design.  I then rolled out a sheet of black clay, #5 on my pasta machine and cut pieces of the black clay that matched the design.  Once I completed the image I brushed on PearlEx to add a little shimmer.  I popped the piece in the oven and while it was curing I  made scrolls of dark blue wire, woven with gold tone wire and gold seed beads that continued the design.  I textured a sheet of clay, cut a matching piece to put on the back, embedded the wire and put it back in the oven. 

Here is how it looks from the back.   It is fairly large, approx. 3" x 4"  it may work best as a brooch. I used sandpaper to texture the back..... cuts down on the sanding.  I did sand the edges to give it a more polished look.  I have other designs that I want to try this with.  It was fun to make.  I may even make a tutorial...... but it will have to be after the holidays.

For this one I rolled out a thin sheet of tinted Kato Pearl clay, # 5 on the pasta machine. Folded and manipulated into a shape that I liked. I added  the texture with my stylus and other tools.

These little pendants are Heart cutouts with stamped owls in the cut out centers.  Originally I had in mind making heart beads for earrings by laying folded strips side by side and cutting out the hearts..... which I did but then I like the heart "frames" so the pendants are a by product.  That is how  many of my pieces evolve.

Here is how I finished the backs.... textures again saved on the sanding.  I will make earrings with the heart beads.

This is just a fun heart I made with a mirror image embellished with strips of textured gold clay.  This has an underwater look to me.
 and here is the back.

My next project was  making beads with one of my canes.....

once the beads were made I decided to squish the cane a bit and use the "new" cane to make these hearts.  

I used Page's technique to make this air filled heart.  After I cut it out I used one of the scraps to make the top part........ I really like this one.

 not wanting to toss the left overs in the scrap bin I used them to make the frame for this heart. I stamped a design with silver for the center and backed it with aqua clay for a layered effect.   I put textured tendrils and silver leaves around the frame.  I like this one too.

I made a matching tube bead that I will most likely use with the air filled heart ....  once I figure out what kind of chain I want to make.

and here is how I finished the backs..... more texture.  This time with a piece of mesh.... and I sanded the sides.

I was going to make a chain while I watched the finale of Survivor......yip, I am a Survivor fan.....  but I got caught up with all the excitement and didn't get my chain made.   If there are other Survivor fans out there I just want you to know I was not happy that Tyson won...... dang, anyone but Tyson..... well maybe not Monica..... I do not understand why women on these shows do not stick together.... oh well..... maybe next time.

That's it for tonight.

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  1. That first heart is just gorgeous, such delicate work

  2. These are so great! I love them. :)