Monday, January 6, 2014

Inchie Time!!

Brrrrrr.... it is soooo cold here...... like minus 7 degrees!  and there is a foot of snow outside.  I will be staying in today.

I haven't been able to clay much the last couple weeks what with the holiday festivities, my sons visit plus two baby showers for my soon to arrive great granddaughters. Both babies are due in February.  I rested up for a couple days and now I am ready to clay. I made a big pot of chili yesterday, that should keep the guys fed and  I can clay all day.  My studio has big windows so it is a little chilly but I think I can manage.

First I want to show you my inchies.  I love swaps, I love making pieces to share and I  get a big kick out of opening the packages filled with all the little treasures.

I signed up for 4 groups, here are the ones I made.  Click on the photos for a closer look

                              The first set is little birds. I used PearlEx to add a little shimmer.

                    Second set is little fans.  I used wire for the handles and PearlEx for the shimmer.

Fly a kite is my theme for the third set. 

I decided to try mini scenes for the last set.... half are country scenes and the other 6 are sailing scenes. 

And here are the sets I received 

Interesting assortment in the first set, I especially like the dainty flowers. 

Check out the textures in this set..... isn't that little owl cute?

This is an interesting group with lots of variety.... another little owl and a cute little duck, what fun!!

And the last group is fun too..... check out that snowman.... perfect for the season!! 

Close-up of the snowman.... he's pretty cool!

I am going to use most of the inchies on containers for my tools so I can see them everyday.  One of my favorites was made by the swap host, Jael, I am going to put it in a bezel  so I can wear it as a pendant. 

It was a fun swap. Now I need to get the hearts for Kim's heart swap mailed.... I will show you those next month. 

I am going to go clay now.... my goal is to make several pairs of earrings but that may change when I get started...... my muse doesn't always follow my plans.  I have been admiring Alice's large wall pieces and am tempted to try one myself,  a theme with textures has been rattling around in my head...... 

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.  

Stay warm and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Blessings for 2014, BJ... I love all your little creations, especially the sweet birds. I don't know whether it is the unusual weather, but the birds who normally frequent our feeders are AWOL this winter and I miss them terribly :(

  2. Thank you Monique. We haven't seen many birds either.... to cold I guess. I did see a couple cardinals in the backyard this morning. Wishing you a joyful New Year as well. (Sorry for the delay is answering.... to much going on right now!!)

  3. I love the little birds. Did you make them free hand or use a mold? I would like to try to make some. Right now we are waiting for a big storm in NJ and seems like the best time to play with my clay.