Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Playing with my New Cutters & other fun stuff

Check out these new handmade cutters that I purchased from Valerie Wallace.  Val is a friend that I met on Polymer Clay Central , she has a shop in Scotland, Polymer Clay.co.uk , where she sells polymer clay, tools and accessories.

These little cutters are wonderful,  the seams are tightly soldiered so they make clean cuts. Both sides are sharp, I use a wooden block to push them into the clay.  To give you some idea of the sizes the largest square and circle is 7/8", the largest star is 2 1/2", the smallest star is 3/8", the largest heart 1 3/4" and the smallest 1/4".

Click on the photos for a closer look.... click twice for an even closer look!

Here are clay samples that I made with the cutters.   Most will be used to make earrings.

I layered these and will use them for pendants and earrings.

I love this necklace I made using the largest stylized heart. I combined it with a flower bead and colored wire to make the pendant. I am trying to decide if I like the copper chain... I may change it to satin cord in lavender or peach.

Here is a photo of the pinbacks with bails that I mentioned in an earlier post.  The goldtone  is 1" and the silvertone is 1 1/2".  I purchased these from Articus Studio owned by Corrine Byers.  I was pleased with the price, the shipping charge and the prompt service. 

I made these canes last week.

Tomorrow I will show you what I made with the canes. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. What fun and wonderful examples of what Val's cutters can do in your creative hands. Thanks also for the link to Articus Studio. I use convertible pin back/bails a lot and their price looks quite good.I'll check them out next time I need things.

  2. Great stuff, Beej! Thanks for all the inspiration. I have most of those altho not the curved hearts and stars. :( Maybe I oughta drag them out again. You, as always, made some really super pieces.

    How are your eyes? xoxoxo

  3. I love your tutorial and the beautiful pieces that you have created. Those cutters are awesome!

  4. Thanks Anita... look around Articus Studio, they have lots of interesting supplies.

    Thanks Moe, I like all the cutters but the curved heart cutters are pretty cool!!

    I agree Sandy, the cutters are awesome.

  5. You created such awesome pieces with those cutters BJ!! Love the fun shapes. The heart necklace is lovely!! Looking forward to seeing what you made with the canes! :)