Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mixing Wire and Polymer Clay

Before I show you my latest creations.... if you are into beading or even if your not, check out the cool beading book give away on Beadwright Blog. (There is link to her blog in my blog list) It's a lovely book and may entice you to try beading.   I have the first book by Sherry Serafini and I love it.  I must have this book so if I am not the lucky winner of this give away... (finger's crossed!!) ... once I stop pouting I will buy a copy.

Okay here are my new necklaces:

Click on the photos for a closer look

First is a polymer clay pod and leaf pendant to which I added a wire and bead leaf and made a chain with rainbow fluorite beads, lacy silver ball beads and bead caps and amethyst colored wire.


Next is a long focal mirror image  bead with a wrapped wire scroll at the top. It measures 5" including the scroll.  At the bottom I added a matching bead adorned with copper beads and wire.  I completed the necklace with copper chain... I may change that.  Heather likes the plain chain but I'm not so sure,  I think it needs something on the other side.  What do you think?

I also added wire elements to three polymer clay pieces  to make these brooches. The heart has a cutout in the upper left so by adding a cord it can be worn as a pendant. 

Heather needed coaster for her bedroom so she made these from clay she carefully sorted from the scrap bags.  I don't have the patience to sort through the colors, I like to squish and twist to make mirror images.  They turned out really nice and match her bedroom colors perfectly.  She really should do more with polymer clay, don't you agree?

 I'm working on more mixed media pieces but I ran out of the right colors and gauges of wire so I'm once again waiting on an order.  I am also working on a "New Canes from Old Canes tutorial".  Thought I was almost done but I'm not happy with the photos so I'm starting over. 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions. 


  1. Heather's coasters are beautiful, I love the colors!! And BJ, the wire elements you added to the polymer clay pieces to make pendants... AWESOME! I love every one! Great work!

  2. I love how you're mixing wire and clay! A match made in heaven.

  3. The wire/clay goodies are just super. LOVE the heart. And CL's coasters are uber cool. :D

  4. I like all of it, including Heather's coasters. I like the long piece just as it is and hope you keep the chain. :) It's cute and the chain is simple enough not to detract from your pc and wire work. You already know that I'm mad over the other three pieces, since we shared them in the Claypen chat last week. :) Hugs!

  5. Man! I love your creativity!!! I agree with Jackie on the long piece...just perfect as is :)

  6. WOW ~ everything is beautiful ~ I love the tutorial, thank you so much for sharing.