Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Canes from Old Canes

I was rummaging around in my cane stash and decided to use some of the old canes to make new canes.

Click on the photos for a closer look... click twice for an even closer look.

I made these canes from an old cane that I've had for years.... it was one of the first canes I made using Fimo Classic.  Included in the photo is a pendant that I made from the narrow cane... as you can see Fimo Classic gets several shades darker when it is cured.

The two canes at the top were made from the cane at the bottom. I think I will reduce the one on the left and make another like the one on the right, then I can use them to make beads.

These canes were made by combining several flower canes. The flower canes were in the Trash to Treasure swap, I'm pretty sure most were made by Sue Castle.  In any event I think they made very pretty kali canes.

I have also been trying to learn how to Viking Knit with wire  I plan to somehow use this small piece with this pod pendant.  Viking knitting is fun to do once you get the hang of it but like everything I make with wire, it is very time consuming.  Maybe with practice I will get faster.

I finished several more necklaces but haven't taken photos..... maybe tomorrow. Right now it is past my bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love your new canes. I have a lot of old canes that have become quite brittle, I find it really hard to recondition them so I can use them again.
    I really love the peapod pendant too!

  2. WOW!!! That new flower Kali cane is fantastic!! And I 'see' little yellow 'Kitty' faces in the top photo (Pendant) :)))... really like the pea-pod...very cool design!

  3. Some of the flower canes were a little brittle too but once I put them together and gently reduced them it seemed to recondition them.... give it a try.

    I see kitty faces too Mary... great minds!!

  4. Love the new canes. I also recycle my old canes into new designed canes. Yours are great!

  5. Thank you Janie. I have so many canes and they are just sitting there.... thought it was time to use them and these were fun to make. Now I have to get busy and make beads!

  6. Terrific! Now I am inspired to go see what I can make with my 12 gazillion canes. :D Thanks, Beej! xoxoxoxo, Did you have your other eyeball done yet?

  7. You are welcome Moe!

    Both eye balls are cataract free but still have to be lasered. I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow, he is very cute.... looks even better now that I can see him. He will tell me when the next surgery will be.

  8. Great work. I'll have to go look through my old canes and see what I can do.