Monday, July 25, 2011

Polymer Clay Pin or Pendants

My hubby took our grandson Brandon and one of his friends, also named Brandon, to Chicago for a few days. The boys wanted to go to the museums and have real Chicago deep dish pizza.  They left thursday morning and came back this evening.  Do not tell anyone but... I enjoyed having a few days to myself. I  didn't have to cook and could eat what I wanted, mostly salad.... I have a favorite salad, iceberg lettuce, dark red kidney beans, avocado and shredded colby jack cheese with either Ranch or Catalina dressing. Easy to fix, easy to clean up and I didn't have to heat up the kitchen. And fresh fruit, I love fresh fruit in the summer. The blackberries this year are yummy!!  Plus I could stay in my pj's if I wanted and I had lots of time to play with clay.

I had my eye check up on friday and they dilated my eyes.... again.  They are healing up well. I go back in two weeks then wait a couple months before we discuss the laser surgery.

My eye doctor's office is close to Michaels and I need gold and silver Premo so we stopped by to see if the clay was on sale... it wasn't and they were out of gold and silver anyway but I did buy some Perfect Pearls powders, a couple rubber stamps that were on sale and they had micro glass balls in really neat colors.... I love micro balls... so I had to have the assortment. I also wanted black micro balls.  Remember I said my eyes were dilated?  after I got home I discovered instead of the black micro balls I had grabbed something call flocking powder. So, any suggestions what I can do with black flocking powder? I know I can return it but I'm not good about returning things... and if I go back to Michaels I will spend more money, I try to restrict my Michael's visits to once a month.... I can't resist.. I am a craft supply junky, if I see a "NEW" item signs, I'm a goner,  I buy it every time... the micro ball assortment was a "New" item.  Good thing I have my Michael's membership card!!  Boy did they see me coming.  Hey...Do not snicker, I know YOU are a junky too!!

Okay, I have  a couple rather large boxes filled with pieces that could be either pendants or pins. I put them aside until I decide how to use them but the number is getting out of hand.  Then I saw how Anita's delightful kitties can be worn either as pins or pendants... check her new shop on Artfire Melody O Designs .... and realized that is a perfect  solution to my problem.  I did a google search and found pinbacks with bails, ordered a bunch and now all I have to do is wait for them to arrive.

In the mean time I made a few more pendant/pins and am now working on a couple necklaces.

Here are the pendants

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Art Deco design in orange and purple.

Mixed media with gathered polymer clay "fabric" and colored wire.  This one is quite large.

Egyptian pin/pendant in gold and red. See the little micro balls? I had the gold ones before I went to Michaels.... did I mention I like micro balls?

I've had these last two layered pieces for awhile and I finally got around to sanding them.  I have piles of unsanded items too..... 

When the pinbacks with bails arrive I am going to put them on many of my Mixed Media Critters so I can list them in our Etsy shop.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I love hearing from you so please feel free to leave comments or ask questions. 


  1. These pendants are beautiful but I love all your things especially the wire and clay pieces. Anita sent me her first cat that she ever made. We are both cat lovers. Her husband published a book about their trip with their cats, it's really great.
    Where did you get your pin/pendant backs from?

    Hope your eyes do well. I too am a craft junky and spend lots of time and money at Michaels. You aren't alone.

  2. I know, Beej! You can pretend it's 1969 and use your black flocking powder to make designs on your wallpaper. :D ::::runs for cover remembering the flocked wallpaper in my past::::::

  3. I think Michaels is getting very, very rich. Every time I get in the car the darn thing wants to head that way. (LOL) BJ, your pendants are spectacular! As for the flocking, maybe you can make some black sheep. Now, wouldn't they be cute.

  4. Beautiful pendants BJ!! :) Each so unique, I especially love the last two!

    I love Michaels also, and spend too much money each time I go there... Luckily (for my wallet) it's a bit of a drive from my house, so that automatically limits my trips there! :)

  5. Wow Bonnie, lucky you to have an Anita kitty!! I'm green with envy!! I ordered the pinbacks with bails from Articus Studio, they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I will post photos and a link to their online shop.

    Lol Moe, you better run for cover!!

    Yip Sandy, I agree, Michaels is getting very rich... if I am any indication, and I'm pretty sure I am. A little black sheep would be really cute... I'll see what I can do.

    Thanks Trina. It's a bit of drive to my Michael's too... thank goodness!! I shudder to think how much "stuff" I would have if the store was closer.

  6. I really like the art deco design.

    I try very hard to "back away from the Michael's"!

  7. Thanks Alice.... how's that "backing away" working for ya? LOL