Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Polymer Clay Art Deco & More Scrap Art

My right eye cataract surgery was last thursday. All went well, more "sticky goo" as expected. I will have laser surgery in a couple months to remove the goo and then I will be as good as new.  In the mean time my sight is greatly improved and I use dime store reading glasses for close up work.

I have been working on more scrap pieces and some fun art deco designs.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

This is more Kathi scraps... I made small charm beads to go with the focal bead.

Mirror images from Kathi scraps.  These are so much fun.  What do you see? In the first one I see a bear head above a skeleton wearing a turban... in the second I see a squirrel.

Another scrap pendant with matching tube bead.

Art Deco tiles in purple and teal.  I mixed purple and blue with silver to get these colors. The one on the left has been sanded, I liked the shimmer of the one on the right so didn't sand it. 

This one is made from left over scraps from the two above.

I used one of my old canes to make this mirror image pendant. I love the colors in this one.  The smaller one was made from the scraps. I rolled a ball, formed an egg shape, ran it through the pasta machine, then folded in half and pinched in the center.  There is a different design on the reverse. 

More scrap pieces.  Sanded and buffed.  I will use the two matching tiles for earrings. 

I used textured sheets on the backs, it gives them a nice finish and saves on sanding. 

I have also made quite a few beads, I will show you those in a day or two. Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. Really interesting work, BJ, I especially like the orange/purple mix work you did here! I'm glad your surgery is over, sorry that you need to do two more surgeries but I'm happy that your vision is better for sure! Big hugs!!