Thursday, July 21, 2011

Polymer Clay Beads and Charms

I've been stuck inside because of the heat so I thought I would make some beads.

I used one of my Pardo Art Clay canes to make this large bead.  It always amazes me how clear Pardo Translucent Art Clay is.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Here are the canes I used and the metallic green bead that I covered with the canes.

Here is the covered ball before I popped it in the oven.

After I took it out of the oven I immediately dropped it in ice water to help clear the translucent clay. I also made a large flower bead in the same colors and a 2 part bead in shades of green.

As you can see I got a little carried away with mirror image beads and charms.  That should take care of my mirror image compulsion for a while.  I see all kinds of little critters on the charms.... click on the photo if you want to see them too.   

I was playing around and made a couple fun pendants with some of the mirror images ....and a few more charms.  

I  had left over metallic clay so I used texture sheets to made a few large chunky beads.  

I have so many "works in progress",  the beads and pendants are piling up, it's time to to get out my wire  and cord and start assembling jewelry pieces.  


  1. I love your Natasha beads and also what you did with them!

  2. Your earrings are great. Do you have a special way to get rid of the line down the middle on your Natasha beads? I work hard to do that and it still shows. Your colors go really well together. Do you decide before you blend what you are going to use?

  3. Wow!!! Once you put wire on these, they are going to be Outstanding!!! PS, glad your surgery went so well! :)))

  4. Such beautiful creations. I love your style!

  5. Thank you Janie

    Thank you Bonnie. Eliminating that line is a real pain. After I press the two pieces together I cover them with a small piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap... I like the paper best.. then gently brayer with the back of a spoon. I can't always get rid of the line but that method works fairly well.

    As to your color question.... most of the time when I am using scraps I just grab a hand full squish it together, twist a few times, form a square log and start slicing. Sometimes I do separate the scraps into color piles and put combos together... the first method is easier and I like the surprise inside.

    Thank you Mary, I have started adding wire and am liking the results. My world is much brighter since my surgery and makes working with wire much easier..... now that I can actually see what I'm doing!

    That you Sandy, I'm pleased you like my style.