Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 4 Thing A Day More Texture Sheets

I didn't get my nap today, I am tired, so this will be short.  I am cranky when I'm tired.

 Last night and this morning I made more textures.  I was going for a Art Noveau look with the two in the center.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I  made a MG stack to try the first design...   It's a bit messy, I haven't sanded it yet.

I used this one to imprint the clay then painted the sections with PearlEx.  I will seal it with liquid Kato tomorrow.  I'm not crazy about the color of the background clay.  I will try again with black.

This one is painted with PearlEx too...  These are just experiments.  The hardest part is getting an even impression.  I think I may have come up with a technique that works... I lay the texture sheet on the table, cover it with a sheet of raw clay, push down with my thumb to make sure the clay is in all the crevices then I place an acrylic sheet over the raw clay,  pick up the "sandwich" and squeeze as hard as I can.  I got so frustrated I considered putting it on the floor and stepping on it but decided that might be going to far... Hmm  it just occurred to me, I wonder if the vise I use with my extruder would work.... worth a try... . I'll try it tomorrow and let me know.

I finally got around to shaving the stamped flower from Day 1.   It's fairly big but I think it will make a fun pendant once I get it sanded.

That's it for today.... I'm going to bed.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I absolutely LOVE these Betti Jo--What a great idea! I didn't realize you and I started working in polymer about the same time. How cool.

  2. Hi Randee, that is cool! I love your work. Glad you like the textures, they are fun to make.

  3. Hello,(^^) I find your work great, with extraordinary colors, decorations and unique designs!
    I'll have to study on your blog how do you make these items. Could you give some information or if you have your own tutorial made ​​to help me, unfortunately when I connect with your blog, I have problems to see the translation!
    Thank you, I hope not to steal too much time! Lela Hello, from Italy

    Ciao, trovo i tuoi lavori fantastici, con colori straordinari, le decorazioni e i disegni unici!
    Dovrò studiare sul tuo blog come fai a fare questi oggetti. Mi potresti dare qualche indicazione o un tuo tutorial se ne hai fatti per eiutarmi, purtroppo quando mi collego con il tuo blog, ho problemi a visualizzare la traduzione!
    Ti ringrazio , spero di non rubarti troppo tempo!Ciao da Lela Italy

    1. Hello Lela, nice to meet you.

      I am happy you like my work. I haven't made a tutorial for the textures sheet yet but I may make one later if there is enough interest. I hope you will check back often. Thank you for your interest.

      Betty Jo

  4. This is great idea. I also made Texture last year, but it is not nice as yours. Yours Texture is very clear and pedant. This is very inspire for me.