Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 27 Thing A Day Striped Cane & Necklace

I thought I was going be posting earlier today but our great granddaughter Lily came for a visit with Aunt Heather and Nick.  Lily had a "Party" in my kitchen while I made my famous Mexican Hominy Soup.... show of hands... How many of you like hominy?  I would be happy to share my very easy delicious recipe if anyone is interested.   I make it at least once a week , I love it and anyone who ventures through my kitchen has to at least taste it..... so far I have not had anyone say they didn't like it, even the hominy haters.  There is one "hominy hater" that has escaped the required taste test so far..... but his day is coming.....  shhhhh... I plan to lure him in with cake..... maybe Easter cake with 7 minute frosting.. or peanut butter cookies... yeah, he falls for the "cookie trap" everytime!!

But I digress ..back to my Day 27 necklace.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

First I made a striped cane.  Then I made a mirror image strip with the scraps, framed it in ivory, added tinted Premo white translucent to the back and made this attractive pendant.

I made half & half beads to go with it.

 Here is how I finished the back, there is a little cut out that frames the small bicone bead in the top.

This is the  finished necklace and a pair of complimentary earrings.

Close up of the earrings. I used surgical steel ear wires adorned with  small copper beads.

Close up of the necklace.... I took this photo to show you the semi-transparency  of the backing.... if you look closely you can see the line in the paper....

One more day to go.... "Thing a Day" ends tomorrow.   I hope to make something special for the last day.

See you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those are awesome. Every day I open your blog and the only word that comes tome is awesome.
    How many hours do you sleep?

    1. LOL Thank you Bonnie, your kind compliments always makes me smile!!

  2. I love your work...always amazes me. And, I wouldnt mind having that recipe!