Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 10 Thing A Day More Beads

I'm late today,  just finished watching Downton Abbey....  I love that show.  We had more rain today, my cats were not happy, they had to stay in and kept giving me dirty looks like I was responsible.  Corny has to check all three doors,  she insists on seeing for herself that it is raining in both the front and back yards.

I spent most of the day making more beads with the Border Cane Scraps.... I made these first, pretty well used up the last of the blue/brown/ivory scraps.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I will use one or both of these with the disks I made yesterday.

Pendant or pin.... from the same scraps.

This set is for a necklace.

Back of the same beads.  I made the holes big enough to be strung on waxed cord.

Long bead with a mirror image.... the back is textured.  I will add wire and use it on one side of an asymmetrical necklace.

Assorted beads,  the last of the blue/browns.

I planned to do more with the warm colors.... but these are all I made so far... a couple pair of disks for earrings.  They have a bit of an art deco look.

and some swirlies  for a necklace.

They all need to be sanded.... I better get to it.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Do you ever sleep? I love your lizard tail and the beads.

    Did you get your swap stuff yet? I sent mine out 9 days ago and Tina still doesn't have it.
    Did you see my blog from Friday about the extruder holder? You would love it with all the extruding you do. You will have to make rain coats for the cats.

    1. That's my problem I waste to much time sleeping, I am a nap-oholic. I actual fall asleep while sanding.... and when I condition large amounts of clay the PM motor puts me to sleep, one of these days I am going to "condition" my fingers.

      My grandson is at the post office as we speak picking up my swap goodies.... all the way from Japan...I'm so excited!! will post photos later today... Tina was my partner for the journal cover swap, Shipping to Canada can be slow sometimes, I think it took a couple weeks.

      LOL, raincoats for the cats... yeah, they would love that!!