Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 21 Thing A Day Polymer Clay Pendants

Winter is back!  It snowed today and is suppose to turn to sleet and ice tonight.  It's a good thing I went grocery shopping yesterday.

I was back in my clay room, playing with clay and talking to myself (I mean talking to my cat) when I glanced out the window and felt like I was in the movie "Birds"  one minute no birds the next minute birds everywhere.  A couple even smacked again the window.... yikes, that was a little spooky... and it scared my wimpy cat.

This morning I tossed out a half a loaf of stale bread for the birds but it was soon buried under the snow.... not sure how they figured out it was there but it was fun watching them.  One would  scratch around. pull up a hunk of bread and 4 or 5 others would surround him and take it away.  Then they would fly up on the gazebo. I tried to get photos off the back porch but that scared them away so I took a few snapshots through the window.

Here they are scuffling over the bread.  Click on the photos for a closer look.

Then they flew to the gazebo. A few robins showed up but they didn't stand a chance, the blackbirds chased them away.  Later on when I went out on the front porch to sweep the snow off the steps a few robins were huddled  up next to the house where the snow couldn't reach them.... now I have bird poop all over my porch.  I'm not a big fan of bird poop.

I made a couple pendants for Day 21.   They are in peacock colors so I got out the designer paper with a large lovely peacock.

Close up of the "feather" look pendant.  This one needs to be embellished with wire.

Close up of the two piece pendant.  I added colorful glass beads and a Swarovski rhinestone for sparkle, now I have to devise a creative bail.  That's all I got done for today.

I just took pieces out of the oven that I made for Day 22... they need to be sanded.... I will go do it now.

See you tomorrow, weather permitting.

Thanks for stopping by.

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