Monday, September 28, 2009

Scrap Clay Jewelry & Scrap Clay Sheets

I finished a couple more pieces of scrap clay jewelry, a leaf pendant and a leaf brooch.

I made a sheet using clay scraps in shades of brown, ran it through the pasta machine with a leaf texture sheet, highlighted with with PearlEx powders and then sealed with Kato liquid clay. Two of my very favorite things are PearlEx powders and Kato sauce..... and I have gobs of texture sheets.
Here is what my scraps look like... pretty yucky right? I have a whole tub full. I usually just grab a hand full, run it through the pasta machine to condition and end up with a dull brown or gray. This time I sorted a bit and came up with some interesting colors. Here is one of the sheets from the scrap clay. After I ran the scraps through the pasta machine a few times I rolled it into a log, twisted 5 or 6 times and sliced with my wavy blade.... hence the knot hole looking sheet. You get the best knot holes from the outer slices, the middle slices I used for the other sheet that I then ran through the PM with another texture sheet. Click on the photos for a closer look.
Sheets made with shades of brown.
And Shades of green with a little gold thrown in for good measure.
Dark brown and blues... I like these colors together.
Now I'm off to see what I can make with my new sheets of clay.


  1. Love the pendant and brooch! The scrap clay turned into such yummy colors!

  2. Thank you Connie. I love playing with scraps, they are always full of surprises.

  3. Wow ! very nice scraps indeed. Every since buying Lindl's color book, I have been keeping my scraps in color boxes too. Makes life a bit easier..
    Very nice