Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beaded Cabochon Necklace

I had a good time going through the boxes of unfinished items... it was like Christmas. Some things I had forgotten and was pleasantly surprised to see again.... others I swear I have never seen before. Must have been that darn ghost in our attic. (Yes, we do have a ghost, I'll tell you about her sometime)

Truth is when you get old you forget things... no big deal. Some people find this disturbing, not me, I kinda like it. It saves me money on books and movie rentals. It can be annoying at times... like when I put something away in a "safe place" never to be seen again. I did find a 50 dollar bill in a book the other day, that was fun.

Back to the unfinished pieces. I've made a deal with myself... I must complete one item a day, more if I'm so inclined but I must complete at least one, before I can work on something new. So here is my item for yesterday. I used matching goldstone beads with seed bead spacer to complete the necklace. I'm proud of myself. I would pat myself on the back but I can't reach it anymore... arthritis .... so I'll pat myself on the knee.

Click on the photo for a closer look.


  1. Hooray! Welcome to the blogosphere! I love your creations and can't wait to see more!

  2. Thank you Doreen. I appreciate the warm welcome. I hope you'll come by often. BJ